4 free fear busting Spanish video series

4 free fear busting Spanish video series

I’ve got a complete series of 4 videos for you. Están pagados por la casa (They are on the house).

I’ve had lots of great comments on the blog about these videos. My favorite was from Marianne

I want so much to speak fluently…but I think fear of mistakes holds me back…it becomes frustrating and makes me feel stupid. But this video was great! The pace was good…no fear! I learned!!

With the speak-to-learn system on these videos you can speak Spanish in the comfort of your own home without an ounce of fear.

You can also use this Spanish right away to make conversation with your amigos about an all time favorite topic.

You’ll find all 4 videos on these blog posts:

Spanish Passion, Unity and Friendship Video #1

Spanish Passion, Unity and Friendship Video #2

Spanish Passion, Unity and Friendship Video #3 and 4


Getting By Sideways for Fluency Sideways for Mastery


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  1. Fredericka
    9 months ago

    Hello again.

    Reason for big smiles this morning!
    Had to go along to the Medico, asking if I could change my husband’s appointment to another time – completed the request – was understood (lovely receptionist – only very little English). Doctor standing at her side, so I was a little nervous, but he looked up from what he was writing and said, ” Your Spanish is very good.”

    Oh thank you Marcus………… slowly, slowly at 70 years, but I’m getting there!
    Fredi (Mrs)

  2. Elaine Firman
    11 months ago

    Hi Marcus
    These videos are brilliant, so helpful, I love them. Thank you so much.

  3. shawn
    11 months ago

    cant open either please help

  4. radio
    11 months ago

    Nice job Marcus! Your method is challenging, yet fun to use. And, you’ve been super helpful with the mix-up that I had with my account. I look forward to working with all of your material. Keep it up!

  5. Carolina
    11 months ago

    I would love to look at thee videos but can’t get them to open?

  6. des reid
    11 months ago

    Hi Marcus ,just thank you , I´m still struggling but now I´m struggling in the right direction..Thank you..

  7. Roger Armstrong
    11 months ago

    Hi Marcus, In the ’70s and ’80s, I spent a lot of time in Spain, and now I am retired, I find your free emails very reminiscent of all the lovely times spent there. My travelling days are now over, but my memories are stimulated by your website and video links. Thanks a million. Roger

    11 months ago

    thank you Marcus, once again John