How I started thinking in Spanish.

How I started thinking in Spanish

The voices in my head are speaking Spanish.

I trained them to speak it.

So can you.

You can think in Spanish.

Let’s face it, we all have a voice in our head. The Dalai Lama can silence his voice. My voice never shuts up. But I can control it a little.

One day I hit on a great mind control idea that helped my Spanish tremendously:

Why not spend time each day thinking in Spanish?

Here’s what I did.

I was teaching English in a factory in Tijuana that made accessories for RVs. After that class I drove 20 minutes to another factory that assembled stationery.

On the drive I would imagine myself having conversations in Spanish. It was surprisingly easy.

I had no fear of saying the wrong thing.

I could talk about whatever I wanted.

It was like a dress rehearsal. When I had real conversations I suddenly found that I had a new confidence.

My inhibitions started disappearing.

Spanish started flowing spontaneously.

Switching from English mode to Spanish mode came easily.

I felt more natural and at ease speaking.

Give it a go. Nobody has to know.

This is a strategy that could have been shared with you a long time ago. I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t bring it up ’til now. But then again how does someone share with friends all the voices they’re hearing in their head?

Anyway, now it’s out there.

If you can switch the channel in your head for 10-20 minutes a day, you’ll find that Spanish suddenly starts flowing in real life

Of course you’ll need a foundation to make some Spanish phrases. Synergy Spanish gives you as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 words.

If you want to talk to yourself and other people in Spanish this is the quickest and easiest place to get started.

To think in Spanish start here:

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  1. Alex
    3 days ago

    Hola Marcus,

    Thanks for the tip. As I live alone it would be easy to talk to myself en espanol. This would help me put in practice what I am learning through your Spanish tapes since it is not easy to find someone who speaks Spanish in Wales!!


  2. Connie Combs
    4 weeks ago

    Thanks a bunch This will definitely help!!!


  3. Lawrence C. Betzler
    2 months ago

    Muy Bien

  4. June Leech
    3 months ago

    I started learning Spanish years ago ,when the course finished so did I .
    I like the idea of thinking in Spanish as I’m returning to Spain for a holiday this year ,the area has mainly Spanish holiday makers ,also I hope to meet my Spanish friend who speaks no English .
    I have already started learning on an app : and that’s ok but mainly concentrating on verbs ,which I know is vital but hard to keep concentrating when there is little vocabulary .

  5. Eileen
    3 months ago

    I would like to try thinking in Spanish

  6. Patricia Hinson
    3 months ago

    Hello Marcus
    I appreciate you telling me that, I will try it and see if I can remember more spanish.
    Thank you Patricia

  7. Loretha
    4 months ago

    I always had a interest in your courses. I will order this week (15th. by the 14th o). Thanks for the new approach to Spanish. I hope your courses include other languages.

  8. Bernice Little
    4 months ago

    I’m taking Spanish in school and am finding it very difficult can I learn faster this way

  9. pooran
    7 months ago

    I try to talk to myself in espanish every day

  10. Annie
    7 months ago

    It’s always comforting to hear that someone else talks to themselves in no matter what language Marcus!

  11. Ronald
    7 months ago

    I tried the videos and they were more advanced. The audio is good, but I wish they had been all video. I love your approach to teaching and it really takes a lot of stress off of me. Thanks, I will order tomorrow. Thanks, Ron

  12. Janet Almonte
    8 months ago

    I would like to learn Latino Spanish in the easiest way possible and would like to try this memory way.

  13. Amelia
    8 months ago

    I tried a few of your free sample lessons for 5 days, then I committed to buying and I have learned more in 1 week with you, than all the words I learned in the past year, living in Costa Rica!!! And you have helped me pronounce words that I could just never wrap my tongue around, and I could just never learn and remember words either, but your system is spectacular at helping the brain put words together to flow! I really love how your first few lessons too are so positive, ‘Voy a hablar Español muy bien pronto!’. Very smart structuring!! Thanks Marcus, seeing how we moved to Costa Rica in Sept 2015, it was becoming embarrassing as I approach the 1 year mark that I still knew nothing, now last night at una fiesta I was actually able to say a few sentences, and although it’s obvious I don’t know Spanish, some of the regular locals can see at least that I am making an effort to learn, and commented on this! I am loving your lessons and my husband is telling me I am addicted to them!! Gracias!!!!

  14. Robert
    9 months ago

    I would like a sample of synergy

    Marcus Reply:

    Here is a sample of the first video:

  15. Gloria Smith
    10 months ago

    This is a very good idea Marcus . I started talking to myself but not on a daily basis but I am now following your advice on these listening exercise 20 minutes daily whlich I find very helpful; Happy to say that I am doing very well and becoming fluent.
    Many thanks. Marcus.

    10 months ago


    10 months ago

    It is great to have you involved in our process. Thank you for this information.

  18. jim ranallo
    10 months ago

    been living full time 9 years in different places in mexico…and traveled most states here… spanish serves me well….still listening and learning…have been living with families here….love the language…like most….we must learn grammer…verb tenses most of which is available on line or courses and books….but to think in spanish is a bit different….to literally switch your mind from one language to another…..from one culture to another….is the real challenge….communicating is fine and you will show respect also….(to make friends here….one needs to know the basics)….but to think like a local and become fluid….takes much time and is the last step needed to become a local…i learn something every day….listening is the key….i still have a lot to learn….but am enjoying

  19. Rich koerner
    11 months ago

    I’ve been studying Spanish for years and getting a bit better each year. However, I still find your brief lessons extremely helpful

  20. France Cloutier
    11 months ago

    I would really like to speak at least a little spanish but…i’m french and they speak so fast
    I’M from Québec Canada

  21. Jeff
    11 months ago

    Do you have a place where I can clearly see your products and what they might accomplish?

    Marcus Reply:

    All the courses are on this page:

    If you’re still unsure the straightest path is to go with Synergy Spanish followed by Bola de Nieve.

  22. Irene
    12 months ago

    Que consejo fantastico que voy a realizar pronto !
    Pensar en español y hablar con sigo es un buen idea para aprender y sentirse bien con la lengua que quiere aprender.
    Muchísimas gracias, Marcus, por su ayuda preciosa.

  23. Loreen
    12 months ago

    By the way, I’m 64. You’re never too old to learn and the Synergy Spanish program makes learning Spanish it easy to accomplish. I would love it if there were also audios with just the Spanish conversation portion. What a bonus that would be! Is that possible??

    Marcus Reply:

    We don’t have that in Synergy Spanish however we do have something similar in our Spanish Ear Training program.

  24. Loreen
    12 months ago

    For some reason, I started doing this automatically and it really works. I’m also in the process of creating a booklet of color “cartoon pictures” that represent the words I’m learning, which is a tremendous help in remembering. I’m on lesson 17 right now.

  25. Jim
    1 year ago

    Thanks Marcus, Im just beginning to tackle Spanish. But, i thought, what a great idea. As soon as i learn enough words, ill start talking to myself in Spanish. Thank you. Your friend, Jim.

  26. Angel
    1 year ago

    It works I’m surprised

  27. Ann Tucker
    1 year ago

    I live in Spain in a Tourist area but would love to speak Spanish.

  28. Christine Tomlinson
    1 year ago

    We often visit Spain and would love to learn more of the language

  29. Steve franklin
    1 year ago

    Love to try it moving to Spain in two years

  30. Robert Hemsworth
    1 year ago

    My friends from Spain are excited how well my Spanish is coming.

  31. Carla Huff
    1 year ago

    What a perfect idea! This is how top athletes, celebrities and top executives improve their “game.” They spend a few minutes each day visualizing taking the actions they need to take successfully. Their minds do not not know the difference between reality and imagination. So, their minds think they can do all that they visualize exactly the way they visualize it. When it comes time to execute the “move” they do so with little or no trouble. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODOS!!

  32. Barbara Burton
    2 years ago

    I spend some of the winter months in the Canary Islands in my apartment there. I want to be able to have a conversation with Spanish friends and speak on the telephone to people who may be doing work in my home (repairs, decorating, renovations). I have an iPad. Which would be the best option for me to purchase in synergy Spanish please?
    Thank you,
    Barbara Burton.

    Marcus Reply:

    Synergy Spanish would be a good option for what you want to be able to do. We also have a Synergy Spanish app that will work with your iPad. You can get in your member’s area when you join Synergy Spanish:

  33. luigi malone
    2 years ago

    i now have 139 words ,
    great , many thanks

  34. Tony Cullen
    2 years ago

    Iam 71 years old and spend a lot of time in the Canaries and have always wished I could speak
    some spanish then Ifound your site and Ican This idea of thinking conversations is brilliant

    Thankyou so very much

  35. Bolum Carson
    2 years ago

    This is maravillosa, thinking in Spanish, l know it will increase my speed beyond my expectations.

  36. josephlowery
    2 years ago

    yes, that is the answer, talking to myself and thinking in spanish. i will let you know how it work out. i know a lot of words . i need to make sentences and talk!!!! thanks,joe lowery

    2 years ago


  38. Marie Gier
    2 years ago

    Well, I finally gave in Marcus,—and I am more than pleased that I did–when I realized that a 6 wk. Spanish class was offered thru community ed. for $69 plus materials, I was sure that I wanted your course (es)-wow! and ALL the free stuff and resources! Muchas gracias from THE 87 yr. old woman from Gainesville, Fl-who had written you before but was always on the fence because of limited finances, , however, you offered the BEST, considering that I have the program NOW downloaded on my computer, pad and phone (thanks to my savvy (HIJO)–I am so excited, even tho I practice alone (out loud), but—- this a.m., I spoke a few words to the cashier at the shopping center–e.g. good morning, how are you, I need help.

    I did my homework and checked other programs etc.You have offered sooooo much for the course, I am surprised and astounded! Why did I wait so long? And, I have the determination and persistence to succeed .

    p.s.I have the same desire as I did when I completed a Disney Marathon at age 76, never even knowing what a marathon was!–I trained for 4 months–!! I will get back with you 4 months from now !!!–Let the training begin–Puedo hacerlo

    Marcus, thank you sincerely, Marie

  39. Kateline
    2 years ago

    I want to speak Spanish

  40. Kate Harmond. Allan
    2 years ago

    I talk to my cats in Spanish. They never criticise my accent or grammar. Thank you Marcus!

    2 years ago

    hola amigo, no hay problema??no one hears inside your head ,so you never have to feel afraid to say it wrong, thank you!!

  42. Jim gatrill
    2 years ago

    A really super idea.

    Many thanks, I am nearly 94 and still trying , you are just great

  43. gerald huff
    2 years ago

    Would like more info. I live in Mexico, I can usually get by, but would like to improve my Spanish, my everyday conversational Spanish.
    Please send info.

  44. Jeff Saxton
    2 years ago

    Good stratagy. I think you need to have a basic understanding of Spanish but, yes great suggestion.

  45. Jim gatrill
    2 years ago

    Hi there,
    I like both of your voices one can clearly understand your lip formation and sound
    I mean how the word is pronounced and you are both good looking

  46. Guillem
    2 years ago

    Hola esto funciono muy bien gracias

  47. jean clark
    2 years ago

    I would love to know how you do it please tell me more I am 72 years old and find it difficult to speak Spanish when in a shop my mind goes blank but when I go out of the shop I am so angry with myself because I did know what to ask for but the words do not come out I feel to ashamed of myself at the fact that I have lived in Spain for 12 years and still cannot have a conversation with anyone jean

  48. Jim gatrill
    2 years ago

    I am 93 and trying to speak as youested. I am finding it fun

  49. Nat
    2 years ago

    I like this simple yet profound idea.

  50. CB
    2 years ago

    I find talking to my dos gatas helps. Gracie and Maggie become Graciela y Margarita. Also as I go about my day I try to translate my thoughts into Spanish and say them aloud.

  51. Malcolm
    2 years ago

    Dear Marcus,
    Great lessons and I am now having those imaginary conversations and looking up words I don’t know to fill in the gaps. I have used Michael Thomas, which was a great introduction, but this really helping me broaden my Spanish and giving me confidence to launch myself into it.

    By the way, I was sharing a lesson with a friend who made a comment about your Aussie accent. I couldn’t place it, as the accent is weak, but bet him a dollar it wasn’t Aussie. Can you put us out of our misery please?
    Thanks, Malcolm (UK)

    Marcus Reply:

    Sorry Malcolm, you lost a buck. Soy Australiano.

  52. Nick Remington
    2 years ago

    Dear Marcus – Your teaching method is fantastic and most importantly, effective. I find the combination of Audio, Video and Notes makes the whole learning experience so enjoyable, and that in turn makes it easier to learn. I have been studying Synergy Spanish with you for around 12 months and am currently working through Bola de Nieve. Spanish can be like a tongue-twister for English speakers due to the different combination of sounds, so I listen to my MP3 player and talk to myself for nearly every day for 2 – 3 hours. People think I am mad, but you have to speak it out loud so that the mouth gets used to making the correct shapes to ensure you do not get tongue tied when in actual conversation, and get an authentic pronunciation. At 58, I never thought that I would actually love studying again, but I do. I live in England, but on my last holiday in Spain, I was asked if I came from Barcelona or Madrid – so something must be going right. I must say that it is an enjoyable challenge to try to steer the conversation around the phrases and collocations that you teach (as I can speak all of them fluently and at a good speed), but it is possible and more than that – fun. Besides, when you get used to the structures and just have a go, it is surprising how right you can actually get it. Still tough going listening to Spanish speaking at their normal pace and I need to increase my vocabulary – but out of respect to the Spanish, it is important to try – and they appreciate the effort – especially from the British, who are notoriously lazy in this area – so, Thanks Marcus

  53. Ken
    2 years ago

    I’m amazed at the ease to which I can learn a little Spanish for the first time, and am practicing as much as I can. However, I have changed the satnav voice in my car to speak Spanish instead of English, but the lass who is speaking is simply way to fast for me – could you help with the words she uses please; at the moment it’s all one long word !

    cheers Marcus.

  54. Lana
    2 years ago

    I would like to learn Spanish and I like your pogram, but I can’t afford. Do you have any Spanish lessens free on line. I would appreciate that.
    Thank you

  55. Denny L. Lynes
    2 years ago

    I like what level I has done where is Level II???????????????????????????????????????????

  56. Corinne
    2 years ago

    Really am trying to study it myself. Finding the language very interesting since I’m already French for the grammar. Quite similar. Know a fare amount of words but afraid to speak it. Trouble with verbs & more words needed.

  57. Mary-Mona
    2 years ago

    Firing the critic that lives within you, and replacing her with a friendly, kindly lifestyle coach (yourself) , can make a big difference . At least I am finding it so, I too am eighty – and truly believe, ” It aint over, until it’s over. “

  58. David
    2 years ago

    You would do better to recommend that students LISTEN to what they hear from people who speak good Spanish, in particular radio commercials and news programs (where the student already has an idea of what is being said), and READ newspapers, making an effort to pick up a phrase or two every day.

    What you recommend is that people use bad Spanish in their imaginary, mental conversations, reinforcing bad habits, leading to a “mastery” not of the beautiful and expressive, not to mention immensely useful, Spanish language, but rather a mastery of Gringo Spanglich–a mixture of gibberish and babytalk usually spouted at breakneck speed by beginners trying to show off–but for the most part incomprehensible to their listeners.

    The comment by the 80 year old pensioner, who says (¡I think!) he is deaf and of poor memory, is a perfect example. Gibberish and babytalk.

    We learn language by imitation, not by self-inspired speculation.

  59. Terri Dawson
    2 years ago

    Trying again.

  60. Lynda Schimpf
    2 years ago

    Hola. Buendia. This is a great idea

  61. Betty Lou Kishler
    2 years ago

    I am studying your course with my partner who purchased it. We study every night and find
    that it is better than the classes at a local college, better than books that we have purchased and
    better than another online course. We understand the others now better because we have been studying your course. It is a challenge, a fun challenge. I’m 80 and my partner is 82.


  63. irene d. williams
    2 years ago

    I have been learning some Spanish, but am at the point where I need practice Speaking in conversation. That is the hard part……..finding someone to practice with me.

  64. Carole
    2 years ago

    I have been having Spanish conversations with myself for some time and it really does work. I KNOW what I’m saying. The problem arises when I speak in Spanish to a real person. I have Spanish speaking friends and I try to get them to tell me in English what they THINK I said. Sometimes there is a disconnect between what I meant and what they think they understand. They say “I know exactly what you said”, but when I get them to translate it back to English, it’s sometimes entirely different. How can I make them understand that when I KNOW my Spanish is understood correctly this reinforces and builds my self confidence? Thanks.

  65. pooran
    2 years ago

    Cuando estoy cocinando hablo espanol yo mismo , es corecto ?

  66. Helene Fagan
    2 years ago

    thank you for refund, I am still trying to figure out how to download so that I can take the lessons with me on my tablet. you see I am suspending my computer services whenever I travel so don’t know if I can still take your Spanish lessons with me when my home internet service is turned off.
    I still believe your program is the best one, so would like to sign up again somehow when I have figured out how to make this work.

  67. Hazel Gray
    2 years ago

    We are in Fuerteventura for 6 months we can speak a little Spanish but would like to improve.

  68. Peter
    3 years ago

    Hola,llamo Peter aged 83, muchas gracias por los mensajes recibo de usted,sin embargo soy sordo y también tengo a mal memoria sin embargo creo que pienso.esta manera estas una Buena para me memoria,también mi salud.uso dos computadoras, gracias muchísimo .Peter

  69. p Bailey
    3 years ago

    I too talk to myself in Spanish. When I put petrol in my car for instance, I imagine going in to pay and speaking in Spanish. You are right, it does give you confidence to speak more without inhibitions, as lets face it we do not get enough practise, only looking at books.

  70. Ma.Elena
    3 years ago

    I am amazed. This is more or less what I have been doing in my attempt to master English. What I do is to think twice. My mental reality is in spanish , so when I am Thinking about something I move to produce the same ideas but in English. Sometimes I don’t have all the words, but it works!

  71. Jim meek
    3 years ago


  72. Terri Richeson
    3 years ago

    Hello Marcus, I ordered your synergy Spanish long ago
    And enjoyed it much.
    But when I ordered the bola… I found that it was not as easy
    to download, and I could not make it work so I returned it.
    The download on your synergy Spanish was quite easily to download.
    I very much enjoyed learning with your method. Best of luck. Terri Richeson!

  73. joseph atkinson
    3 years ago


  74. joseph atkinson
    3 years ago

    really looking forward to ‘trying’ your way of you teaching and me learning, tried many times over the years but still very basic , need the confidence of stringing sentences together, will keep all informed as to how I get on, on this blog

  75. Jonadab
    3 years ago

    Hi Marcus, been trying to think in Spanish with imaginary conversations, thanks for reminding me it’s not an odd thing to do but that it can really help with actual conversations. Love your teaching methods. Keep them coming please. Jonadab

  76. Pat Hopkinson-Kelly
    3 years ago

    Hi love the video. Like the way it flows. And at the end he speaks the lesson through. I could understand what he was saying because of the previous sentences. Gave me a bit more confidence to practise. Love the way you teach Marcus. Just wish I had a better memory.

  77. George Maharis
    3 years ago

    How can one think Spanish if born in Katmandoo

    Marcus Reply:

    20 years ago that would make it impossible there are a wealth of online resources to help you now. You can start with my online videos by filling out the box on the top right if you like.

  78. google
    3 years ago

    I just like the valuable info you supply on your articles.
    I will bookmark your blog and test once more here frequently.
    I am fairly certain I’ll be told plenty of new stuff proper right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  79. Ruth Lombard
    3 years ago

    I work for a business which I have need of learning Spanish. We currently had an employee that needed our nurses, due to an physical emergency . No one, was able to help her by speaking her language. Due to my age I have very little confidence that I can, but I’m very willing to try! If this was to occur again (upon we wish it will not)… I need to learn to speak it for security. Thank you, and I’m looking forward to begin.

  80. Jutta warren
    3 years ago

    Hola Marcus
    I enjoy your lessons very much.My native languag e is German so I do not have too much difficulty with pronouncing the spanish. I had some spanish lessons before but was always struggling with the grammar,like future ,past.But since I started taking your. Lessons I sometime wake up at night and there is a spanish sentence,perfectamento!!

  81. Janet Jackson
    3 years ago

    I found this quite interesting and enlightening. I look forward to hearing more from you. I have purchased the course and am ready to begin my 90 day support process, once I get a chance to get into the lessons.

  82. Liamliam Rees
    3 years ago

    Hi I’m a bit lost among all the testimonials to find the next stage to purchase…I’ve completed the 30 lesson Synergy..ayuadame por favor! Liam.

  83. marilyn
    3 years ago

    Just seen this advice. I have done this for thelast two years and it really works.

  84. moha
    3 years ago

    It is great idea to learn Spanish ,Thanks

  85. Paul Snelson
    3 years ago

    Think I,ll give this a try lets get started

  86. lennox Alexander
    3 years ago

    I have been wondering how can I think in Spanish .
    this is a boss idea and I am going to try it

  87. Aaron
    3 years ago

    Ya usted ha divulgado mi secreto. Senior, hace muchos anos pensaba en espanol y con mucho exito y tambien ha aumentado de remate mi confianza del idioma. Es buen facil y por supuesto hay que aprender las palabras, desorrollar vocabulario, aprender de la gramatica espanola y sobre todo escuchar espanol cada dia, practicar la charla con alguien y tambien practicar escribirlo y la lectura espanol. Hay muchos metodos y pasos pero sobre todo para cultivar el habito de pensar espanol me parece lo mas importante. Ademas hablo espanol como mi idioma segundo y solo desde hace catorce anos mas o menos me ha dedicado al lenguaje (ya tengo casi sesenta anos de edad. Andele!!!

  88. Betty Street
    3 years ago

    What a great idea. I am going to try it. Your emails always give me a boost so please keep them coming.

  89. Saleem Khwaja
    3 years ago

    Gracias me maestro. I try to switch to Spanish mode as often as I can. You’r right in this that cerebral mode para espanol is crucial.



  90. Monika
    3 years ago

    Hi Marcus,
    Thank you for all your e-mails .
    To this last one ,all I can say, that, I am talking to myself in Spanish at every opportunity I get and I don’t find it strange at all. I go to a Spanish group on Fridays , but because of work involvement I had not been for 9 month and finally got back to it yesterday. I really thought that I would be miles behind everybody else , but to my surprise I found that not to be so. In fact I thought that my Spanish flowed better than theirs who had not missed classes. So I put it down to your excellent course and I told everyone there to investigate your system. One problem I havre though with your program is, that, it will not open leccion veinte. What is the solution to that ?


    Marcus Reply:

    Great to hear you’re doing better than your classmates. My VA, Ava, will contact you directly to make sure you get lesson 20.

  91. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I have been studying Spanish for some months now and each day driving to work I put on my Spanish CD and I agree. i also drove for twenty minutes to work. No one can hear you. You can say and talk as loud as you want. My Spanish became so easy. I totally agree with what you have said. Reading was no where near as good as listening and speaking the language.

  92. Sharon Koziol
    3 years ago

    Could you please re-send me the Valentine’s Day lessons? I did them once….need to do them about 10 more times……and deleted by mistake.

    Thank you, Sharon

    Marcus Reply:

    The links to the lessons are on this page:

  93. Sharon Koziol
    3 years ago

    Great idea, I’ll give it a whirl.

  94. Anonymous
    3 years ago

    I just spent 10 months in South America, 9 months of which were in Peru.I had alot educated Peruvain friends that kept on correcting my spanish word for word that was driving me crazy.But has started volunteering in an ophange my spanish improved greatly.The adults in the community didnt speak english except for the German volunteers.So all thier left to do was communicate in spanish.So the children tuaght me to communicate.I had went to a fantastic language school in Arequipa and knew how to conjucate verbs and a bit about oration structure of the language.But having to listen and plan acivities in spanish was great.I would wake up in the morning and think voy a levantar and strted to think in Spanish. A trip to to Bolivia helped my confidence as they must speak the slowist spanish in the world ,plus half the popu;ation is indigenous and spanish is a second language for them as well.On my return when my well educated friends would always try to speak english with me.I would reply back in spanish and when they were correcting my pronouciation ,i relised they were just trying to help.Bul also i relised they understood my spanish as they werent saying no intendo.I was 55 when i lent to communicate with 400 million people.Now back in New Zeland i want to keep communicating as i am afraid of losing what i have learnt.Oh did i mention i advoided hanging out with gringos and stayed with Peruvian family s in total immersion.You can make spanish easy but one has to make an effort.Hope this helps.

  95. Robert
    3 years ago

    HI Marcus thank you for the Spanish Lessons
    I think in Spanish all day at work after all I am a lead cook at the biggest Casino in Lake Tahoe and a good majority of my clients speak Spanish I start speaking in Spanish before and as they approach in my head in order to communicate with them. I love Short cut to Spanish just wish I had more time to learn I am 60 years and this is as much fun as Culinary School was at 50 cant get enough Thank You again will stay in touch

  96. patricia jarman
    3 years ago

    I already have imaginary conversations in my head and yes it does work and its wonderful because no-one corrects me but it re-enforces any new words I have learnt.yes a good bit of advice thanks pat

  97. Mary
    3 years ago

    Marcus. I love the updated version of Synergy Spanish… My biggest problem wasn’t learning the Spanish, but trying to remember the long English sentences and then trying to translate in the time frame. Also, I could not always hear what the instructor was saying in Spanisah on the CD’s… Being able to read in large print is everything a senior could want. Thank you otra vez, Mary

  98. Catherine
    3 years ago

    I just finished my 9th Informal Spanish Lesson this morning. I’m already finding that with many of the Spanish sentences I don’t have to translate them to English which gave me a clue as to
    what it must be like to think in Spanish. Your message above is so helpful. Spending a bit of time each day to consciously speak in Spanish will accelerate my learning even more. I’m already having
    fun saying memorized sentences to the Spanish speaking staff where I work. I say things that are not related to anything at all that we are saying or doing, so it makes us all really laugh. But, I am really looking forward to having fluent and actual conversations with them. I don’t think it’s far away at all. I’m so excited about the simplicity of your course, Marcus. Thank you so much!

  99. Betty Street
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the advice. I have been trying it and it really helps.

  100. Charlene
    3 years ago

    Please tell me more.

  101. Marie Harden Mancilla
    3 years ago

    Marcos, I have been enjoying your e-mails for a long tiime. I started studying Spanish in 1984, in ADULT EDUCATION and the the credited City College courses. I could write and speak well, but had difficulty understanding fluent speakers. I ask them to “Habla maas despacio, por favor” I taught a beginning English at Braile Institute, a very rudimentary class for newly blind people. I also taught several Spanish choirs, which is NOT the same as really speakinbg the language, but a good help.
    But, I found myself speaking to myself in Spanish and having well constructed conversations. Well, then in 1990 , I seemed to be immersed among Spanish speaking people. OK, but my boyfriend was totally bilingual, so I really did not have to speak that much, but most wanted me to help them improve their English. And I also had a Homestay program with students from all over the world. So my experiences were very diverse. In the United States.

    I now have a home in Baja, but most residents speak English, so I was losing my fluency, unless I forced myself to “hablo in Espanol” Now, I have a dear worker friend who helps care for my needs–I am 77, by the way. And he has no English, though he basically understands most instructions for work. Hmmm. He started to keep me company after work as I did computer games, and I had to start speaking Spanish. O Glory. He started asking me to show him many English words. Hmm, again. So we had a lesson every day, just palabras for me, but I had to write the words in Spanish, then English, and THEN how they were pronounced accourding to their pronuciations.

    And I can ask him about certain words I do not know, by pointing or pantomiming, And I find myself being very fluent now, maybe just with him, as most others speak a little English.

    Someone brought up the subject of why is English so important. It is important as it is the stepping block to better jobs in Latin countries . The youth are all being taught English, but are usually shy to speak it. I know the feeling..

    I had forgotten my past and future, but my friend helped me with that. My bilingual dictionary is missing, but getting a new one. I found the Chicago University one the best for me.

    So thank you for reinforcing the idea of thinking in Spanish.

  102. Yolita Hayes
    4 years ago

    It it the same as talking to yourself in Spanish? I do that a lot. Only problem is I get stuck and there is no one to help me. Tango un solution por esta.

    Marcus Santamaria Reply:

    That’s good, when you get stuck for a word or phrase you know what you need to learn.

  103. Adolf Huckschlag
    4 years ago

    I am very interested in you Spanish do I find out where to start, I speak and understand some. I also have a problem using my credit cards on the web,. How ca I buy and feel secure?

  104. Bárbara Walker
    4 years ago

    I am very interested in this course
    What is the shipping charge?

    Marcus Reply:

    It depends which course and where you are. Once you get to the order page it’ll show you how much the shipping is.

  105. Bárbara Walker
    4 years ago

    What is the shipping charge for the spanish course please?

  106. Anonymous
    4 years ago

    thats a great idea ,,, thank you,, marcus

  107. Bill Yoxall
    4 years ago

    sounds good,tell me more.

  108. willy libbrecht
    4 years ago

    I wqould like to know more of this language

  109. willy libbrecht
    4 years ago

    yes I woulds like to get more spanish experience

  110. Mari
    4 years ago

    I love the sound of the Spanish language and wish I was more fluid in speaking. I guess I need to practice more and will follow your advice for thinking in Spanish

  111. JUAN
    4 years ago


  112. Dorothy
    4 years ago

    I am trying eventually I will achieve my ambition to speak Spanish with ease , with your continued encouragement and so many helpful tips I will succeed , thanks .

  113. Marie
    4 years ago

    I am trying to following your advice and think in Spanish but lost concentration mid sentence !!!! I will persevere. Thank you.

  114. rosemary murphy
    4 years ago

    It is difficult to comment on something where I am looking for a way to learn what you teach.
    I would like to speak spanish to my Spanish Family

  115. Agella Roosvelt
    4 years ago

    i think that it’s a good initiative

  116. MARIA
    4 years ago

    I started with 1 level of Spanish I just read your article and I want to learn faster
    we are flying to cuba for winter months and need Spanish. indeed it is a mater of you mind set , the truth is LATINS learn faster than any other speaking nation

  117. patricia garrison
    4 years ago

    if i know only several words how can i think, i could not put a sentence together to think in Spanish

  118. Karina Marona
    4 years ago

    Hi everybody…I’m from Peru…You know I speak Spanish…I teach English and I took advantage of it teaching Spanish through English to Koreans…I suggest you to listen to songs so that you think in Spansih also…that helped me a lopt when I was learning in English…
    My Korean students liked this song andof course the video …hope it is helpful and you like it…by the way he is a Peruvian singer…enjoy it 🙂

  119. Ruth Burd
    4 years ago

    compulsive listening every day

    Thank you Marcus for concentrating the mind!!

  120. peter stewart
    4 years ago

    Thanks for the tip, my big problem is I am dyslexic so can’t read or write Spanish but will try anything to learn and speak Spanish.

  121. Trevor
    4 years ago

    I am 55 years old and would like to speak Spanish but feel that perhaps i am a little too old to learn a different language.

    Marcus Reply:

    Too old at 55? No way, Jose!

    Here are some people who commented on learning after 50 years of age.

  122. JoAnn Hansen
    4 years ago

    I’ve done all of your lessons and some others. Yours were the best because they are so interactive. I do the lessons in my car on CDs. So now, how about more. CDs not video. I can’t be tied to a computer for the lessons. I have done video lessons. I find them too slow–pictures are nice but slow and unnessary. So what I want are more B de N on CD at a faster pace, complete sentences, more vocabulary with minimal introduction of vocabulary and concepts. I repeat the lessons, ad nauseam, so the explanations run a little long after the 14th hearing. So get on it, I can’t wait forever. Keep the same basic format–listen and repeat, just speed it up a bit. I’ve done other lessons –Rocket Spanish–they are good but listening to their CD is not interactive enough for me. If I am not required to repeat constantly, I loose my concentration and come back into focus at the end of the lesson.

  123. David R
    4 years ago

    Great idea, Marcus.

    I am going to give thinking in Spanish a go, instead of ending up falling asleep whilst trying to read pages of work stuff on my train commute to London two or three times a week.

    Muchas gracias y hasta pronto!

  124. Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I think that’s a great idea, I’ll try it.

  125. Santiago Lewis
    4 years ago

    You are spot on. The key word is “imagination.” Mastery is achieved via rehearsal in the heart more than conjugation, etc via the head. We can begin to experience peak performance when we sharpen our conversational skills in our heart. Our imagined “conversations” can include our imaginary friends. We have privacy and only ourself as critic. When you dream, visualize and imagine yourself speaking Spanish with ease; you are doing what professional atheletes do. Watch a baskeball player at the foul line. They pretend, go through the motions and visualize making the shot. If you see it in your heart; believe it you can achieve it.

    Yo soy buen ejemplo de lo que digo. Yo campesino de Georgia sin transfondo en idiomas. Por largo tiempo trabajo como un buey…tomando el libro “500 Verbos Conjugados” y repasandolo catorce veces en voz alta…aprendi como una máquina; sin embargo, lo logré dominar el español cuando me imaginaba a mi mismo hablandolo.

    Felicidades en hacer aprender el español alcanzable para todos…sin pena y dolores.

  126. Johan
    4 years ago

    The English is one of the most used and important languages ​​in the world, even I don’t understand why many people want to learn it.

    In my country to dominate english is one of the most inportant things for anyone who is looking for job. in fact, who speaks english have the key for having success in their professional life.

    I think that Marcus should be the person that have the shortcut to english.
    I hope some day, you have a course about shortcut to english, for latin people like me, because truly I need it.
    by the way, write this did me a little hard…


  127. Alan
    4 years ago

    I am interested to know more

  128. Chris Challenger
    4 years ago

    gracias Amigos

  129. Robert
    4 years ago

    i woould like to try to communicate at beginner level with someone

  130. Jose
    4 years ago

    Excelente metodo.

  131. peringe
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus.
    Thank you for Bola de Nieve,I hope to finish this year.But I am thinking to buy Shortcut to Spanish otra vez because I have a friend in Spain who dont speak Spanish.If I order it you have to send mi this Shortcut to Spanish in week 37 because I am travel to Spain in week 38.Hope you can confirm it monday 19 august.

    Per Inge Sekkenes

  132. Billy
    4 years ago


  133. Jake Waarkentin
    4 years ago

    Trying to learn Spanish but need to think in Spanish to make it happen.

  134. Sidney O. Davis,Sr.
    4 years ago


  135. Anonymous
    4 years ago

    well don i like it so much excelent

  136. jim
    4 years ago

    while I was studying german in high school in the 50s I found myself thinking in german alot. also at that time some of the other students would converse with me..sometimes(quite often} we wouldn’t know the word in german, so we slipped an english word in to the conversation{and a laugh}. as we progressed we used less english words while our vocabulary increased….now I wish I had taken spanish…since taken Marcus’s courses, I remembered how thinking in another language had helped.. now I am beginning to be able to think in spanish and amazed at how much it is helping me.–(even though sometimes I find myself slipping a word or two of german into my spanish} thanks so much for synergy spanish…(you can use this if you want)……….Jim

  137. Francis
    4 years ago

    Respectfully, I have to disagree a little with you on that one John. Although you correct that one cannot think “fully” in Spanish without a deeper vocabulary, you still (and should!) practice thinking about basic things with whatever vocabulary you have, even if its a few words! Only know the words for “I’m crossing the street” or “it’s across the street”? Then anytime you’re out walking, or looking across the street, SAY IT IN YOUR HEAD! And it doesn’t even matter if you’re not sure about the verb conjugation – take your best guess and continue on your way, because at the very least, you’re cementing that word and it’s real life association in your head. Do this repeatedly for any and all words you know in Spanish, anytime you’re passing by or using an object, and you will soon find yourself thinking about nearly everything in Spanish automatically, as your vocabulary grows further.

    To make an example of your example “Hay un hotel en Habana”, with that and a few other words, you could say to yourself “me gusta cafe de habana” every time you pass a coffee shop or drink a cup of coffee (Estoy disfrutando cafe cubano ahora mismo, jeje), you could say “hay un hotel alli” everytime you pass a hotel. Absolutely any pratice you can get in while walking around, driving, etc will help to cement those words in your head. That’s how I taught myself spanish basically without studying anything at first.

    Background: Native English speaker, never studied Spanish until a few years ago. Moved to South America 4 months ago, married, and learning to speak like a native. I now think 90% in Spanish, although I still have a ways to go in my conjugations and ever expanding vocabulary.

  138. Jan
    4 years ago

    I have Spanish conversations with myself all the time. It helps me define what areas I’m deficient in and what vocab I need. If I have nothing particular on my mind, when I’m driving I start talking about the scenery, telling mis amigos what the day is like, etc. Start small if you have to, look at some new vocab if you have to, but you have to begin somewhere and no one is going to force you, or probably even encourage you, you have to have the discipline to do it yourself.

  139. John Canty
    4 years ago

    If Spanish is not one’s first language, it is almost impossible to think in Spanish. To want to think in Spanish is a noble thought, but one can’t do it repeating “.Hay un hotel en Habana….” It takes phrases, vocabulary, sentences. And a Gringo can’t use a Spanish word without knowing what it means in English; therefore, he can’t think in Spanish without a Spanish vocbulary.John Canty

  140. ulrike scholz
    4 years ago

    ….LOVE the theme
    me gusta este tema
    ,como pensó en español
    Gracias ,es muy interesante ,tengo interese
    mucho requeridos Ulrike

  141. Ryna
    4 years ago

    Brilliant idea, thank you Marcus. I am going to try it.

  142. philip noon
    4 years ago

    wow marcus just when i thought i was bonkers you come up with idea of speaking to and youself in languages,thats exactlly what i have been doing for a long while,well now i will enjoy it more as now i feel as if i have joined [marcuses club,], so thats the name for it from now on in my mind.philip

  143. Sylvia Baker
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus,

    I find myself doing that and have done for some time. I think you are right, it does help, I find myself having conversations with myself in Spanish when I am in bed and thinking how I would say certain things to Spanish people. It doesn’t matter how long it takes either.
    I am going to look now at my upgrade to the video link you sent recently. Unfortunately I have other things on my mind just recently and haven’t quite got to the 6th section in Bola de nieve. Many thanks for all your help. I still struggle with downloading but I will master it one day.


  144. Elly y Daniël
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus

    Nosotros somos Belgas y ahora vivimos 4años en España.
    Siempre esperamos que los mensajes de correo electrónico.
    ¡Te damos gracias por los muchos consejos!
    El lenguaje es muy difícil para nosotros,pero estamos avanzando cada día.
    Tenemos muchos amigos españoles.
    Muchos tratos con ellos nos ayuda enormemente y escuchar la radio.
    Gracias Elly y Daniël

  145. susan butler de salces
    4 years ago

    Gracias, a veces estoy pensando en espanol pero ahora tengo permiso a hacer eso!! Gracias.

    Tambien me gustan mucho escuchar las palabras de algunas canciones porque, parece facil de recordar las palabras al cantar ellos. (tal vez mejor que imaginar cantando las palabras dentro de la cabeza de uno para esto tambien! Mantener en privado 🙂 !!)
    Me gustan mucho sus clases, Yo los escucho en mi coche. Ellas me ayudan a escuchar el acento correcto y ayudar a corregir mis muchos errores. Aprendi espanol cuando vivia en Bolivia. Me encanta hablar, me encanta Espanol, me encanta Bolivia! Estaba hablando espanol con la gente, antes de comprender plenamente toda la gramatica. Gracias a mi profesora que ella era, y es, muy amable y paciente conmigo.
    Gracias a su esposa tambien, gracias al hombre, y a ti, sus voces son muy clara. Bien hecho el diseno y produccion de las clases, que son excelente. Gracias Marcus!!


  146. john scollan
    4 years ago


  147. Rose Brown
    4 years ago


    I have learned so much from your lessons , however sometimes I feel that you are nothing more than a marketer selling your product. I have been with you for atleast six months now. When I recieve an email from you I believe I am going to recieve great information or lessons to improve my Spanish. Unfortuunately, its usually only a sales pitch. That in itself would be ok if it were something that built apon what you’ve already taught, but it’s not. I’m very frustrated . I want deeper less simple lessons.

  148. paulettedevonish
    4 years ago

    Knowing spanish is good to know espicially when meeting persons or person

  149. Nils Moe
    4 years ago

    I am Norwegian, retired teacher. But to Marcus; yes that’s right. Not that I ‘m that good in fast Spanish, even trouble With the slow … But I use to do letters to my Canary friends in my head. And it helps. And from time to time I miss Words that I can look up in my dictionary. So yes once more; I think I’ll try that even more


  150. paulettedevonish
    4 years ago

    I love spanish because is my second language

  151. Aqnah Bazier
    4 years ago


    Tengo hecho lo mismo/la misma en el pasado, pero el único problema es, yo repito las mismas cosas.Pero gracias por compartir, at least ahora sé que no soy el solo que habla de mí. 

    Te pido por favor, pardoname si mís frases son correctas,PLEASE FEEL FREE to correct mí si hay algún error.

    Hasta la próxima

    Saludo Aqnah Bazier

  152. Flemming Guldberg Elsborg
    4 years ago

    Dear Marcus

    For some time I have received your free E-mail about Learning Spanish. My Question now to you, and to my self is: Will I be able to learn Spanish with your method when English is not my Mother tongue? I manage to communicate in English, but it`s far from mastering the Language.

    Kind regards

    Marcus Reply:

    I have a lot of students for who English is not their first language. They seem to do just as well as native English speakers.

    This page has some comments from students who first language isn’t English:

  153. John DuQuette
    4 years ago

    We at Yabla provide a service distinctly designed to help people improve their Spanish skills by watching television shows as well as other kinds of video, such as music videos, interviews and travel shows. We welcome you to stop by and try out the free samples.

  154. paulettedevonish
    4 years ago

    Nice of you so much speaking spanish .

  155. Clare Newmark
    4 years ago

    Thank you, Marcus, for giving me this fabulous course that enables me to speak Spanish sentences quickly and easily! I am moving to Panama and am already able to speak to my Panamanian friends properly. I am now able to stop confusion when it comes to ordering food in restaurants there, can understand and ask for what I want from the construction workers who work on our home. My husband and I speak in Spanish sentences to each other now and we just joined a few months ago! I am also grateful that you take time to give extra tips such as listening to TV in Spanish. Gracias amigo!

  156. Martha Faulkner
    4 years ago

    Hello Marcus

    That is a very good idea. I shall certainly start and try to think in Spanish every day. Hopefully my vocabulary will be sufficient. Thank you for advising this.

  157. Peter Ballingall
    4 years ago

    Hello Marcus.

    I enjoy so much your classes and have learnt a lot. I have many Spanish clients who do not speak English and I have to teach them to learn/play golf in Spanish. When I ask them to correct me if I say something incorrectly they nod their head and smile – but they never do saying that they understand me perfectly [even though at times the grammar may be incorrect] – so THANK YOU [mil gracias].
    The main problem I have is that the people where I live in Andalucia speak so badly!!! The people from Madrid, Vais Basco and elsewhere in Spain speak more clearly.

  158. David
    4 years ago

    I find it helpful to watch a film in English so that I know what it is all about and then re-watch in Spanish with Spanish sub-titles. I can then replay as often as I need to so that I can understand what is being said.
    Having text to follow when needed reminds me what a great idea it is to have put videos for your audio lessons on the web page. Any chance of doing the same for B de N?

    Marcus Reply:

    Yes, we are working in videos for Bola de Nieve right now. All exisiting member’s will get a free upgrade as sson as they are available.

  159. Gary Lanz
    4 years ago

    Here’s my spanish TV tip:

    Turn on the Closed Captioning.

    If it’s a live event, like a sporting event (inevitably, soccer) it’s not so effective, as the text arrives several seconds afterwords).

    But, otherwise, it greatly enhances understanding.

    Maybe it’s “cheating,” in a way. As it does engage another part of the brain. “Listening” seems to be in a different area than “reading.”

    But, it does encourage more time spent on the spanish channels. And that’s a good thing, me thinks.


  160. Terri Richeson
    4 years ago

    I had always wanted to learn spanish, There are so many people here in Texas that speak it.
    And Hispanic people always seem to be amased when I know what they are saying,
    And can speak Spanish back to them. Gracious por La attencion con su lecions. Terri!

  161. Dana
    4 years ago

    Glad you said this.

    I’ve done this naturally as I’ve learned Spanish the past 4 years.

    I always thought it was a bit ‘geeky’ of me.

    OTOH, it allowed me to learn a lot of Spanish.

    It’s now to the point where I read text in English and ‘the voice’ starts translating (& testing myself) in Spanish.

  162. Escapetraveler
    4 years ago

    Gracias! voy a probar pensar en espanol!!

  163. Daryl Parker
    4 years ago

    I try to have conversations in my head all the time. The problem I have is with words I do not know in Spanish. I will use the English word in my head then later look up the Spanish translation. Sometimes this is difficult. On another note, I purchased Synergy Spanish and Bola De Nieve. I crashed my hard drive. I can still access Bola De Nieve but I can no longer access Synergy Spanish on my account. Can you help me regain access to Synergy Spanish? Thanks!

  164. susan weckbaugh
    4 years ago


  165. wilhelmina
    4 years ago

    Marcus, after you mentioned it I realized that I was doing that and since I started doing it I have beeen doing much better ..YOU are the greatest. Y muy intelligente tambien

  166. Adrian
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus,
    You have shared a very good and downright inspiring piece of advice. I have completed Shortcut to Spanish and I am now a third of the way through Synergy Spanish. The last couple of weeks I have utilized this very idea upon your suggestion and it works great. When I am mowing the lawn I switch my thoughts to Spanish. When doing yoga I count in Spanish. I text my wife at work in Spanish and then chase it with the English interpretation. I guess the success element is to make the language an everyday active part of one’s life. Thank you!

  167. Grete Tuxen
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus,

    It was interesting to read and I can tell you that I have used the same method for a couple of months now and are feeling more confident also. My problem is that I have to start thinking in Danish, then thinking in English and then thinking in Spanish. The reason why I do not change from Danish directly to Spanish is that I have to look up words in the dictionary and that is English. The Danish/Spanish Spanish/ Danish dictuionary is not as good as the good old Oxford one.

  168. Ed
    4 years ago

    Great idea; especially because you don’t have to worry about errors.
    Also you can do it at odd moments when you have time like at the bus stop.
    Another thing that works for me is to learn Spanish poetry by heart like Neruda. It is similar in that you don’t have to worry about public mistakes. Unravelling the grammar is really interesting and there is great entertainment in the actual poetry- one always has a text in one’s head to think about without having a notebook. It really impresses people too especially Chileans who love Neruda. I just thought I would share it with you. I have learned a lot from these emails from Marcus; I look forward to them- keep em coming
    Que la pases bien! Eso si que es.

  169. Susan Wallace
    4 years ago

    This sounds like a good technique. I shall be ordering my language course when I have spoken to a friend who is already using it.

  170. Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Yes more great advice …cultivating what we all do naturally… like thinking what we are going to say before we arrive at an interviewbefore we arrive at an interview or social event…you will always be more prepared to do something that have already been doing! great job!
    Liam Rees

  171. John Park
    4 years ago

    Hola! Marcus
    We have had Spanish visitors, and in the short time Ihave been learning spanish Iput afew sentences together, which they understood felt good John

  172. Steve
    4 years ago

    Hi all: Some great advice from Marcus. I can relate to his suggestion of listening to News Reports: I struggle with some of the News-readers here in Chile……But there is one guy who speaks Spanish the Spanish way… was a little disconcerting at first….but honestly, he is so clear & as Marcus says, along with the video of what he is referring to, he makes Spanish sound so clear. He is called Amaro & appears on TVN.
    I’ve heard it said that Chilean Spanish is probably the hardest to understand & it is certainly true in that they have so many phrases unique to Chile…..even experts have trouble understanding them!
    On my travels, I think I found the Spanish in Mexico the easiest to understand.
    Good luck to all of you in your noble quest to speak a second language!

  173. Cynthia Jurgens
    4 years ago

    Greetings Marcus,
    Yes! Because of Synergy Spanish, I always make up Spanish conversations while doing yardwork (lots of hours!) and housework. It’s been a while since I’ve written a thank-you, but I am always grateful to you for your help! Many thanks for continuing the emails.

  174. Rhonda Myers
    4 years ago


    I am a former Language Arts and ESOL teacher who has haphazardly tried to learn Spanish over the past few years. I’m probably somewhere on the lower end of intermediate. I have a LOT of vocab but make a ton of mistakes in sentence construction. I know about verb tenses but they don’t come to me readily during conversation. I also get confused with some of the basics, like ser/estar and por/para.

    One of my biggest problems is knowing how to use reflexive verbs and when to insert me/le/se/te etc. Direct and indirect objects make me squirm, too. Can you suggest the program that will best fit my needs?


    Rhonda Myers

    Marcus Reply:

    You might want to look at Advanced Concepts Intensive

  175. Henry
    4 years ago

    So far I think Synergy Spanish is the best. My interest in learning Spanish is being built up each time I read your blog. Your email are treasures that I look forward to in my inbox daily. I even created a separate folder for them. Very soon I will opt for the full course. I am presently occupied with so much that I may not give it all the attention it demands. Keep up the good work.

  176. wade tuckness
    4 years ago

    thanks for all you do for people, i know you need to make money, however living on asocial security pension, and having a 25 years old daughter with three kids and no husband makes , spending a little rough, but noentheless, i want you to know i admire your style, estilo bondadoso, i hope?

  177. Rudolf
    4 years ago

    Come to think of it, it’s the way I (we?) live in a multi-lingual society in South Africa.
    Do we ALL hear those voices in our heads?… Hehehe 😉

    Whilst Afrikaans is my first language, this is also the way I’ve learned English, and a little German and French. Now I need to learn Spanish fluently and for me it has always been the best, most natural way to learn: as soon as I know more than 2 words in a new language, I start building sentences in my head, using these words instead of my language of reference (mostly English, because of the limited use of Afrikaans in the world). Adding new words as I learn, makes for more interesting conversations in my mind! 😉
    (But when an unfamiliar voice starts interrupting, perhaps it’s time to pay the bill, or get off the train/bus/…)

  178. juana
    4 years ago

    I speak more spanih and few the english is for razon alearn much english, thank for your compresion

  179. Garry
    4 years ago

    Lost me. Couldn’t find anything in blue highlights only a link to another sales page. Disappointing. What has any of it got to do with Spanish TV?

    Marcus Reply:

    Just scroll down and you’ll see it in this comments section.

  180. Andrea Carr
    4 years ago

    I do that also sometimes trying to make sentence in my head but not habitual. I wonder sometimes if am going to get crazy by doing it. I really want to speak Spanish fluently.

    4 years ago

    Hi there, actually, yes, mind communication and mental training it´s so good, I practice on this everyday, and eventually I speak out some statements, yes, that´s my own experience, but as a pedagogical resource, would be interesting

  182. George Modilevsky
    4 years ago

    American people are not the best learners of languages because they have never been intrigued by having the need to learn another language. Spanish could become the closest second language they would have to learn because of the proximity with Mexico and because more millions of mexican people are coming in the USA.
    American people learn very slowly, if any.
    They do not have an ease because they have always preferred to have other people learn English and those who become teachers of the English language, pretend that instant translation is not important when we all know that it is important. “Thinking in another language” is a myth. You just have to learn instant advanced Translation and use it anytime you want. American people try to teach English and try to learn Spanish but, they might always be students and they might never pull it off because they take too long with basic structures and ideas.
    I am a teacher of six languages and I always skip the basic and intermediate because they do not exist in real life. I teach One Language in One Month and I always have excellent results in no time.
    We just have to stop getting happy because we are learning slowly and irrelevant things. Students need to stop being students as soon as possible. Many teachers are happy when their students never translate because they wronly think they “have to think in the other language”. All this ballooney…goes from one generation of teachers to the other. We all need to change.
    GeorgeModilevsky in Facebook and Google.

  183. Evelyn
    4 years ago

    I think everyone has this problem. I rehearse a lot to myself and yet to have the courage to really try and speak with someone is out of the question! Then, I found a Spanish person that could barely speak English and we did real good together? We actually understood each other.

  184. Karl J. Bugge
    4 years ago

    I am ready

  185. Maurice DeWitt
    4 years ago

    Yo quiero han
    blar y pensar en espanol mas entonces quiero hablar en espanol cil todo mi aigo y amigas mi esposa es cubana pero ella ho tiene paciencia conmigo

  186. Karen
    4 years ago

    Excellent idea! I’m a beginner and this makes speaking in sentences so much easier!
    Thanks for the tip!

  187. Birgitta Wilson
    4 years ago

    Thanks Marcus for sharing your insight!
    It was a helpful reminder.

    And thanks for putting together your Synergy and Shortcut lessons. They were extremely useful to me.

    I’m off to Cuba in a couple of days, perhaps this mind exercise will make conversation a little easier…

    Dios te bendiga


  188. Jennifer
    4 years ago

    Marcus, you are absolutely right. I stumbled on to this idea on my own
    some time ago, I also speak Spanish in my head–when I am driving,
    doing mindless tasks, and while laying in bed before I sleep. I even
    go one step further and speak Spanish outloud when nobody is around!

  189. Vladimir Vescovo
    4 years ago

    Hi Marcus. This is not a comment on your e-mail but a question. I’ve got half -way through your ” Bola de Nieve ” and I am certainly gaining momentum with my fluency and will take your advice to think in Spanish as I do get a bit tongue tied when I try to articulate a random conversation rather than follow you on the discs. I am about half way through your course and was wondering — how much Spanish would I know by the end of the course in relation to communicating in the real world? I have bought some property in Colombia and that is mainly where I want to speak Spanish. Sometimes I am watchting a Spanish movie and the conversation is so fast that I suddenly think I know so little and I have so long to go to be fluent. It takes me about an hour and a quarter to drive to work each morning and I will go through a whole lesson in that tme. I am up to lesson 7 and haven’t as yet downloaded lesson 8 but I am continuously going over previous lessons in a random fashion. I also go to formal clases once a week , most weeks but I feel I get very little out of those classes as most of the students who have been at it for over 7 years pronounce and articulate Spanish very badly and the teacher is not very interested in correcting mistakes and of course the slow and boring grammatical approach is taught. I go to these classes mainly for motivation and eventually I will be able to talk to the class without having to read a prepared story as I usually do. I feel that if I persevere with you Marcus I will gain sufficient fluency in Spanish to manage in day to day conversation. Thanks Vlad

    Marcus Reply:

    Hola Vlad,

    Your Bola de Nieve course is all about communicating in the real world. Take a look at the testimonials tab at the top of the page to see what my students have been able to do in the real world after the program.

    An important point: don’t judge yourself by how you do watching Spanish movies on TV. My experience with TV was that it was the final frontier. I achieved these outcomes before TV

    • I could hold a conversation with anyone from factory workers to musicians to artists and business groups. (For example I would meet with the directors of industry associations in Tijuana to promote my services as a language teacher.)
    • I could listen to radio including talk radio.
    • When in the USA many Spanish ads on the radio have disclaimers at the end. The disclaimers are spoken as fast as it is possible to speak. I could understand every word.
    • Order a pizza and give directions for delivery.
    • Get technical support for Internet server problems.

    In other words, I could manage pretty much every aspect of living and working in a Spanish-speaking country before TV. So, again don’t judge yourself harshly if TV movies are hard to keep up with.

    Instead of watching movies, start with the news. The news broadcasts have many advantages. Articulate speakers, common subjects and film clips that give you visual clues to what they are talking about. With a little practice you’ll soon find that you can easily watch the news in Spanish without strain or effort.

    I hope this helps you. Thanks for giving me an idea for another blog post.



  190. ernest schusky
    4 years ago

    What if I find out I’m a bore?

  191. Eileen
    4 years ago

    I agree 100 percent. In addition to that, I found that at some point I had to begin talking to myself out loud in Spanish because it sounded wonderful in my head but physically getting it out of my mouth was another story.

  192. roberto
    4 years ago

    Su idea esta’ buen. I tried it and it was funny how things just roled off my mind. Yet when I attempt to speak, I freeze. I will continue on with su buena idea. Esta importante a hablar Espanole. Hay muchas personas viviendo en Santa Barbara. Que buena cuidad por apprenedar.

    Well you get my drift….roberto (my attempt to be biilingual)

  193. Isabelle Lafreniere
    4 years ago

    I Bélive That i have Many courses paid for
    Kindly check for me
    I was sick and would very much appreciate
    Merci gracias

    Marcus Reply:

    I’ll send you an email with all your course details.

  194. Patricia Giangrande
    4 years ago

    As a matter of fact, I’ve done this also. I would practice in my head what I would like to say to my
    Spanish acquaintances. Thank you for confirming that I am not crazy! Dios de Bendigo!

  195. Heléna Kurçab
    4 years ago

    Hi Marcus,

    I agree completely!! That is exactly what I teach my students to do in English. In fact, I tell them to do it aloud!! They worry at first that people will think they are crazy, but my reply is “You don’t learn to live until you learn to be a bit crazy.” Oh…, and I also do this for my Spanish. 🙂

  196. Ian Royle
    4 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant Marcus. But then again I devised this two years ago! Supermarket in Manchester? think Spanish, digging out weeds in the garden – think Spanish (profanities maybe?) Play my trumpet on the Costa Blanca and sing lyrics? Think Spanish!
    Great e-mail -Thanks

  197. breeda geary
    4 years ago

    thank you for not giving up on me , I have been afraid to commemce Spainish, But hopefully will get on with it, Its a good course,

  198. Stephen
    4 years ago

    Hi Marcus,
    Your comment made me chuckle, I think if we all published what we thought our prisons would be full or we would be poorer fighting all the litigation. Or the world maybe a safer place because we could ring fence all of the real nutters! :-).

  199. VIC YOUNG
    4 years ago

    hi Marcus, another great idea, but I am helping my Spanish learning grandchildren, and in the street, I wil say what is Spanish for car, what is I,ts colour? etc, so I have to think in Spanish ahead of the question anyway but thanks for the tip, anything that helps is good for me saludos, vic young.

  200. Moira
    4 years ago

    That is a great tip. My partner and I also practice together and listen to your CDs

  201. Gillian Waring
    4 years ago

    It’s a great idea and I did it for years when I was learning French. I now do the same in Spanish when walking the pooch but still find myself mixing the two languages. Will obviously have to keep practicing! It’s also interesting to note how many of ‘us’ Synergy Spanish devotees are in the advanced age group! I’m sure it must be an excellent way of keeping the brain exercised as well as providing the means of communication in my new home of Tenerife. Thank you for helping so much.

  202. Caroljean Kores Rodesch
    4 years ago

    I walk two hours each day and as I walk I speak Spanish to myself. At first it was just a review of the lesson I had just finished in Synergy Spanish. More recently I talk about other things. Sometime I need hurry home to look up a missing word in my vocabulary. I really do think in Spanish when I am walking. Unfortunately it goes less well sitting still. I have worked on your course and extra lessons a long, long time and FINALLY am making progress. I have zero language aptitude and am 74 years old but I’ll get there yet. Thank you for Synergy Spanish, Marcus

  203. Ruth Hoekstra
    4 years ago

    I have on occasion spent time trying to think in Spanish & wondered if it was a wast of time. After read your comments I am determined to do it every day.
    We’ll see how it goes.
    Thanks again.

  204. Philip Cooney
    4 years ago

    Marcus. For a couple of years now I have used this drill especially when I am travelling alone in the car. I downloaded all the Synergy Spanish made easy onto CDs and I play them in the car. After a while I turn it off and I speak loudly to myself. If I have difficulty I return to the CD and away we go again. Magic.

  205. Jackie
    4 years ago

    A few years ago I was riding on a bus in Puerto Rico and noticed something curious about the mannequins in a shop window. Before I knew it, the thought “Todo es blanco y negro” popped into my head. Since then I’ve practiced a lot of Spanish in my head (usually while driving).

  206. Sandra
    4 years ago

    I have been doing this for a couple of years.Works like a charm!! If I am going to have a Spanish conversation , say with the doctor in Mexico, I practice what I want to say in my head on my way to the appointment and ja!! puedo conversar en espanol cuando llego alla. Que bueno!!

  207. Larry Ball
    4 years ago

    !Punto en! Marcus En otros palabras “spot on” You hit the bullseye. Since i started thinking more and more in Spanish, I find that I can participate in conversations. Further,I am beginning to understand those rata tat tat Mexican speakers more when they speed though their words. It is a great pleasure to finally, at the young age of 76, to start to believe that I can really attain fluency.

    Now if I could just get some of the imigrantes I am working with in learning English as a Second Language, then, wow!! Believe it or not, in my two classes today I have them an assignment to write something in Spanish and translate it to English thereby forcxing themselves to begin to think in English. Well, duh, and your email came tonight. Thanks for the reinforcement. I am going to use it tomorrow. These people know vey little English and here they are clear up here in Nebraska

  208. Dr Roger Morgan
    4 years ago

    I have a rather strange problem. I can speak spanish better than I understand spanish, why is that? If I start the conversation we are fine but if not I get lost. Why??

    Marcus Reply:

    Doing well when you start the conversation shows you are making great progress with your Spanish. Felicidades!

    Speaking Spanish better than you understand it is a common problem especially when people speak quickly. There’s a story about me having difficulty with fast speaking and getting lost when someone else started the conversation at