Instant Spanish Music Words

Instant Spanish Music Words

Lots of Spanish words about la música are instantly recognizable.

Por ejemplo los instrumentos (For example, the instruments):

La guitarra

El piano

El violín

La trompeta

El acordeón

La armónica

El saxófono

The different styles of music are very easy to recognize as well.

La música clásica

La música instrumental

La música moderna

La música militar

La música popular

La música electrónica

La música religiosa

La música tradicional

These instant Spanish words give you a great head start for chatting about music.

When you combine them with Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs, and Mortar Words you have everything you need to speak conversationally about music in flowing sentences.

I’ve created a brand new video series, “Spanish life, love and music”. It’s a great way to add the subject of music to your Spanish-speaking repertoire.

The first video is available for you right now on the link below:

Spanish life, love and music.

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  1. Nancy
    9 months ago

    Your E-mails on Life, Love and Music providentially started while my girls and I were attending the International Suzuki Institute. Although, I didn’t run into Spanish speakers that I know of it was nice to be able to think a little about my experience in Spanish.
    God Bless

  2. Tom Sauer
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus, Anytime I see your name listed in my email page I know it will be more ways to help me learn Spanish. And this time as always. It really is great to have
    I discovered in the 1990s that if I try to speak Spanish with a Mexican (from Mexico) that person will
    help me.
    Thanks again
    Tom Sauer

  3. Carrol Gomez
    9 months ago

    Hello Marcus, I have enjoyed it, muchas gracias.

  4. Antonio
    10 months ago

  5. Anonymous
    10 months ago

    like it v.much

  6. Paul Roozen
    10 months ago

    Enjoyed this video as much as all your other videos.
    Gracias !!

  7. Jan
    10 months ago

    As always, very helpful. Easy to learn. I love these videos.