Music unites us in Spanish

Music unites us in Spanish

Can you imagine a world without music?

Life wouldn’t be the same. It doesn’t matter where you go in the world—music is something that unites us all.

It’s a great thing to talk about with your Spanish-speaking amigos too.

I’ve created a series of free video lessons that make it easy for you to speak about music in flowing sentences.

Enjoy this positive and uplifting Spanish lesson.

Click here to download video version

Click here to download audio version.


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  1. Murielle
    2 weeks ago

    I love being able to speak in complete sentences. Thank you Marcus. I am visiting my daughter in Spain and decided to take a Spanish class once a week while I’m here. I’ve had eight lessons so far and three more to go before I leave. I’ll certainly consider this course when I get back home in order to keep up with Spanish.

  2. julie
    4 months ago

    ignore my comment the link worked video just looks identical to part 2 on the opening screen. Oops, I should of clicked on it….

  3. Lila
    7 months ago

    I especially enjoyed this music video and I continue to use my purchased synergy Spanish system.

  4. Lila
    8 months ago

    Exceptional video, thank you.

  5. pooran
    8 months ago

    Loved it gracias

  6. Anonymous
    8 months ago


  7. Chris
    9 months ago

    Muchas gracias Marcus! Me encantar esta leccion!

  8. Anonymous
    9 months ago

    This video was very helpful to me. Thanks Marcus.

  9. Mick
    9 months ago

    Well done and easy yo follow

  10. S. Michael Brandt
    9 months ago

    Marcus, yo compré your International Friendship Day offer, Synergy Spanish & Shortcut to Spanish, and am working diligently on it. Pero, I was pleasantly surprised to receive your latest lesson on Life, Love y Musica. Gracias, me encanta the informacion as there are some phrases that puedo usar. Yo trabajo in me officina porque many week-ends our retreat center Omega has Spanish retreatants, y necessito hablar Espanol. Gracias por todo.

  11. Sean McIvor
    9 months ago

    Hola y muchas gracias Marcus. I love these bite size chunks of Spanish that get me to listen and repeat. I love to see the words too. It helps my spelling which is awful!! I have learnt so much over the last few years that I feel more confident when I speak Spanish on my 2/3 annual visits to Spain. Loving it Marcus. Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  12. Earl Rodgers
    9 months ago

    Effective lesson

  13. Lily
    9 months ago

    Me encanta los lecciones 🙂

  14. jill
    10 months ago

    Me encanta la leccion.

  15. Pauline
    10 months ago

    I can’t get enough of this fun-loving and easy-learning spanish. I am so proud of myself all because of your lessons. Thank you for sharing what you know with others. I just wish I had a spanish speaking friend to coach me along the way. I have spanish speaking relatives but we do not live near each other. But thats ok, I am still proud of myself because I feel that I am doing really, really well if I have to say so myself. My dream was always to learn to speak a second language and now I am on my way.

    Thanks again Marcus

  16. Chris arden
    10 months ago

    Many thanks Marcus the video on music is excellent. I struggled with that on football as I am not a great sportsman and not very interested. I am a beginner of some years and well past the first flush of youth.

    Thanks again.


  17. Lakomegum denish paul
    10 months ago

    I have loved the lesson and I feel more inspired to learn spanish because, I earlier on tried to learn French but left because, it was so complecated. but this, is made simple and affordable to learn.
    Congratulations for your efforts.

  18. Lorraine White
    10 months ago

    The lessons are great – I learn a lot in very little time!

  19. Adalina
    10 months ago

    Thank you for the lessons! It is great to listen Spanish!

  20. Don Manson
    10 months ago

    So far getting immersed is enchaning. I’m 85 years old so have to reschedule my day to keep up but thanks.sjm

  21. ken
    10 months ago

    me encanta estas lecciones

  22. Ken
    10 months ago

    Marcus, many thanks for Spanish life, love and music. I just love the way you teach Spanish! Your subtle introduction of the tenses without lengthy boring conjugations gives me so much confidence in attempting to communicate with my Spanish speaking friends. Muchas gracias

  23. Paul Davidson
    10 months ago

    For some reason im not able too get your four free lessons to open Marcus but I’ll email you on that separately. I did however manage the love, life, and instruments 1 & 2.
    They are excellent Marcus, and just the correct length in order to absorb the content. FANTASTICO.
    Paul Davidson

  24. Brandon
    10 months ago

    Muchas gracias Marcus! Entiendo muy bien.

  25. Roger
    10 months ago

    Very good. There is always something new coming our way. Thank you.

  26. Sandy Pelling
    10 months ago

    Thanks Marcus, so easy the way you set up the lessons. I’ve fallen by the wayside recently but it’s got me up and enthusiastic again. Gracias

  27. Irene
    10 months ago

    Hola amigo,

    Me encantaría aprender más. Eso es magnifíco.
    Muchas gracias otra vez.

  28. Jan
    10 months ago

    Most enjoyable lesson…….I have listened to it many times and I think I now know it. Looking forward to the second lesson.

    Many thanks…………….

  29. Ej Raif
    10 months ago

    ¡Estupendo! ¡Muchas gracias, Marcus! ¡Es usted fantástico! Me encantaría aprender más español porque es un idioma muy bonito y además, me encantaría hablar de muchos temas en español.

  30. Marilin Cedeno
    10 months ago

    I love rhis course

  31. Carlos Rodriguez
    10 months ago

    Nice conversation I can add some words, that I already learn wiith you
    Muchas gracias

  32. Ruth
    10 months ago

    I love this post about music. More please. My husband plays the guitar and mandolin and one of the things we most enjoy when we go to Mexico is making music with others in our community ( a small fishing village. As we have started learning Spanish as we older this right up our alley.

  33. Martin Adane
    10 months ago

    Good work Marcus, you are bless.

  34. Doctor Shirley
    10 months ago

    Dear Professor Marcus, your continuing missives with additional language challenges are wonderful. And … gratis, no less. Thank you so much. You are truly a gifted, wonderful teacher! I’m so eager to complete SYNERGY SPANISH and to go on to additional lessons. Indiana Doc

  35. Earlene
    10 months ago

    Muchas Gracias. Me encanta,

  36. don horne
    10 months ago

    Gracias Marcus, Don

  37. Laura Wolmarans
    10 months ago

    HI Marcus
    I just love the Spanish life , love and music videos. Love, love it!!!
    Thank you.

  38. Anne Reilly
    10 months ago

    Mucho gusto Marcus, excellente Anne

  39. Ray Anthony
    10 months ago

    Thank you so much , once again a great video which builds up into working sentences within a few minutes .Bien hecho y gracias .

  40. Nola Lavington
    10 months ago

    I enjoyed the lesson about music, love and life. Well done.

  41. Richard Lane
    11 months ago

    Marcus, hiciste muy bien, muchas gracias por su ayuda.

  42. Jan
    11 months ago

    No Encarta mucho. I really enjoyed this lesson. It is getting easier to learn and I feel I am making progress. Thank you for your continuing support it keeps me motivated.
    With best wishes. Jan PALMER

  43. karmvirkapur
    11 months ago

    its easy and enjoable

  44. Barbara malpass
    11 months ago

    Thank you Marcus.
    I am improving my Spanish with you and music is a new topic.

  45. j byers
    11 months ago


  46. marit
    11 months ago

    Me encanta este video. Gracias. Marit

  47. julia
    11 months ago

    Thank you Marcus. Beautiful lesson. I love music, and I play piano. Now I can talk in Spanish about my hobby. Please send more lessons about music.
    I am a student of Bola de Nieve. Are you having similar lessons in the course? I cannot wait to have it.
    Muchas gracias otra vez. Your student Julia

    Marcus Reply:

    There aren’t any specific lesson about music in Bola de Nieve. However, throughout the course there are several conversations that have sections about music.

  48. Kamal
    11 months ago

    Great stuff, as usual, Marcus…

  49. Richard Lane
    11 months ago

    Fabulosa información….

  50. tom campbell
    11 months ago

    Me encanta la lexion.

  51. bill
    11 months ago

    Otra vez,muchas gracias por la leccion.

  52. Eddue F
    11 months ago

    I am a Synergy Spanish graduate and I really like these additional lessons that you put together.
    Muchas Gracias, Eddie F

  53. jill
    11 months ago

    Me encanta la leccion–muchas gracias!

  54. don horne
    11 months ago

    Thanks Marcus. This is a great lesson. Gracias, Don

  55. piero ferrau
    11 months ago

    Gracias por la musica Marcus.Saludos

  56. Alex
    11 months ago

    Gracias Marcus!!

  57. Mike Rothery
    11 months ago

    So thank you for the music,
    for sending it to me.

  58. Elaine Firman
    11 months ago

    Thank you again Marcus, Me encanta los videos

  59. nIki
    11 months ago

    Hola Marcus,
    As always, thankyou.

  60. Martin Raymonde
    11 months ago

    Hola Marcus

    Muchas gracias otra vez.

  61. Evelyn
    11 months ago

    It is absolutely wonderful that YOU don’t give up on us learning Spanish when we have lost faith in doing so.

    Thank you

  62. Max
    11 months ago

    Muchas encanta esta leccion.

  63. martin
    11 months ago

    Thanks Marcus, excellent as usual.

  64. theresa wall
    11 months ago

    Gracious Marcus Me encanta la lecion Can’t wait for 102

  65. Hella Silverside
    11 months ago

    I loved the lesson

  66. June Bobongie
    11 months ago

    I am surprising myself. Thank you Marcus for making it easy for your students.

  67. Caliston Bridgemohan
    11 months ago

    Mucho gracias señor. Me encanta tu metodología.

  68. Mitch
    11 months ago

    Muchas gracias. Me encanta esas leciones.

  69. Janet Dunn
    11 months ago

    What an excellent teaching method!

  70. Geraldine
    11 months ago

    Gracias Marcos
    Me encanta este tipo de revision.

  71. Vicki Tyndall
    11 months ago

    Thank you so much Marcos!
    I appreciate that you send these little gems from time to time.

  72. Marcia
    11 months ago

    I really like Synergy! This was an excellent video. It helps me to see the words as I hear them! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  73. Lorna
    11 months ago

    I love this!

  74. wesley shennan
    11 months ago

    Thanks Marcus for these extra lessons…..they’re all valuable. Gracias Marcus por este lecions….son las bien (?)

  75. colin gow
    11 months ago

    As a musician living in Mexico this is great…SSS is the best..

  76. Robbo
    11 months ago

    Many thanks, it’s a great lesson, but will you be posting the audio as well? I have a slow Internet connection and it would also go well with the other audio tracks that I have already bought from you. Thanks

    Marcus Reply:

    Thanks for the question to let me know about that issue. I’ll have a link to the audio posted shortly.

  77. Anonymous
    11 months ago

    me encanta la leccion.

  78. Maria
    11 months ago

    Excellent, Marcus. Thank you. Am looking forward to 102

  79. Irene
    11 months ago

    Excellent Thank you

  80. Eric Harlan
    11 months ago

    Once again, Synergy Spanish is by far more helpful and easier to learn from than any other program. I have tried almost all of them. This one is the winner! Thank you Marcus!

  81. Linda Brown
    11 months ago

    Excelente! BRAVO!!

  82. patricia gibson
    11 months ago

    That was great, really helpful, can’t wait for number 2 now!

  83. Geoff
    11 months ago

    A superb lesson, thank you Marcus.

  84. Richard Harris
    11 months ago

    More reasons why synergy spanish is is Orchestra and the others are rock bands. Thanks Marcus.

  85. Irene
    11 months ago

    Gracias Marcus !
    Me encantaria aprender mucho mas con su ayuda muy apreciada.

  86. gina
    11 months ago

    Thanks s lot Marcus, I love it

  87. Darryl
    11 months ago

    Thanks. ¡Me gusta musica!