Spanish for people over 50 only.

Spanish for people over 50 only

I’ve coach hundreds of people to finally speak Spanish even when they had all but given up.

When they thought they were over the hill I’ve shown them that their age was irrelevant

Saying you can’t learn Spanish because of your age is like saying you cant learn Spanish because of your street number.

I borrowed that last bit about a street number from my favorite septuagenarian Billy Connolly. “ What he actually said was;

“You mustn’t act your age. It’s a crime. Acting you age is about as sensible as acting your street number. It’s got nothing to do with what you are. “

Hear, hear!

And I say why condemn yourself to a limiting belief about age. I’ve proven that time and again that my students can be successful at speaking Spanish into their 70s and 80s.

And it just got even easier. I’ve stumbled on a breakthrough that makes it even more possible to speak Spanish at any age.

It’s an audio-visual approach that makes Spanish doable at any age.

You can try it for yourself here:

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula

Here are some of the comments I have received about this new video system:

I have studied Spanish for eight years in various settings–group, private, school–and this is the first time it made sense! Thanks for helping me “get it” at 74 – Cleo

I love your formats. I have learned more Spanish with you than i have in two years of college and way too many books. I’m 70 now. To be fluent before I die is on my bucket list!! I can’t thank you enough. – Barb

I love your course so far and I am beginning to think that even though I am 70 and just recently retired to Mexico I can still learn the language! – Marlow

Dear Marcus this is a wonderful help with Synergy Spanish many thanks
Muriel From Scotland age 79 years – Muriel

I found this video to be amazing. I was reading listening speaking and understanding. A million times better, than just Audio. Thank you for your amazing technique for learning Spanish. I am just as good if not better than people learning Spanish for 20 years. I am only learning for 4 years and I am now 72. I also have a much better accent. Kind Regards, Mary.

I am soon to be 74 years young. I am an American legally living in Havana and thanks to your course, I am speaking more español daily. Your course is the best I have ever encountered and I applaud you for your efforts in continuing to make improvements. – Frank

Excellent, this is what will definitely help me in my Spanish. Please continue with this format…it is well worth the learning process for someone in their mid 60’s. – Isabel

If you have tried to learn Spanish before but it didn’t work out they way you expected, why not give this a go,

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula

You’ve got nothing to lose, you can try it free, and you’ve got the Spanish world to gain.

New Spanish Audio-Visual Formula

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  1. Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Success at first try; this is amazing! I’ll turn 86 next Monday. Con mucho gusto, Clint

  2. Avril Rigby
    9 months ago

    I tried to learn Welsh and asked native speakers for 60 or 100 of what they thought were the most common words used.Nobody knew and I spent 4 hours a week for a year on a course learn ingthousands of words and gave up.Imagine my delight to find all the hard work,sorted and put into easy bits like building blocks.of Spanish ,which has thrilled me to the point of addiction.I can’t leave the course alone.Thankyou Marcus for jolting my 81 year brain iinto such enjoyable action

  3. Thelma Haberstock
    1 year ago

    I am in France and would like to have your videos. But my video apparatus does not work – but I do have my computer on which I can insert the videos. Would you be able to send me the videos – free of charge?
    I regularly go to a Spanish class each week but I cannot get the words out of my mouth to speak without hesitation! My French is pre-dominant(am a native English speaker) and I get mixed up with the words when I speak!
    I do not know whether or not you can help me but I do know that each time whenever I do visit Spain (which is not very often) my words come back to me!
    Please help!

  4. julia
    1 year ago

    Very good as usual. I just started the Bola de nievo, I enjoy a lot your lessons. Learning with a lot of pleasure. This summer I am going to Spain, hope I will be able to understand and talk a little bit. Thank you Marcus.

  5. Darlene
    2 years ago

    I am one of those people who thinks because I am 74 years old, I must not be able to learn Spanish. I hope you can prove me wrong.

  6. Lois
    2 years ago

    Do the lessions come on DVDS?

    Marcus Reply:

    No, we don’t have DVDS.

  7. Roberta
    2 years ago

    ‘Confident’ is totally the right word for
    how your lessons make me feel about
    beginning to speak Spanish.
    I enjoy the freebies so much and buy a
    bit more whenever it fits my budget!

  8. gerd hackelberg
    3 years ago

    hi marc, i am german ,living in inthe south of spain and during the hot spanish summer in hamburgo.
    i am also in the age as the other elder people and your system helps me to recognice that there is a good chance to learn an effective spanish—more than all my other lessons at scool and privte clubs.
    again many many thanks to you. gerd

  9. Bil Aulenbach
    3 years ago

    Thanks Marcus for the share. I really like the format.
    It makes learning Spanish that much easier.
    I’m off to Ecuador for 6 weeks to practice what I learned.
    Bil (83 years old)

  10. sophia
    3 years ago

    Another 74-year old who find your lessons amazing! Gratias de todo corazo`n .

  11. Shirl Eskelson
    3 years ago

    I think if i stay with it I will be alright thankyou

    ps I am 75

    3 years ago


  13. ray holding
    3 years ago

    Hi Marcus,
    I will be 73 in July . I have just finished the 31 lessons in shortcut to spanish and the audio lessons.. I have been in spain for 10 years this November . Did 4 years of lessons 2 hours a week but mainly academic
    and realised that a part from a few words learnt in conversation that I really wasn’t getting anywhere and basically gave up trying. Your course has altered all that. I found it easy, practical and very helpful. Got the opportunity the other day when I could hear from my place, heavy machinery working down the bottom of the valley but couldn’t see anything So being nosey I drove my car down there, and could see the men gouging out roads and terraces. A couple of women were there, presumably wives of two of the men and I began asking them what was going on falteringly in spanish, they didn’t have english, and we carried on talking for about an hour with my limited vocabulary, but most of it must have been near enough as they responded, very friendly and obviously understanding most of what i was saying. Before the course, I would not have had the bottle to muscle in. I often know what i want to say but am terrified if they reply as I never understand a word of what they saying back to me. However, I did understand some of what they were saying back to me so I think my fear has been closing my ears up to now. I feel that with my confidence growing I may be more willing to initiate a conversation.
    So thank you for your brilliant course. I hope to take more advanced lessons when I get some money together. Keep up the good work.

    Marcus Reply:

    I am delighted my course is helping you breakthrough with your Spanish.

    Here are some audio lesson to keep you going until you are ready for the next step:

    They’ll slot in well with you Shortcut to Spanish course.



  14. Beatrice Gaggini
    3 years ago

    I am 66 years old and I’m in Mexico for a few month. I want to speak with people all around me. Thanks for your course that helps me a lot. “Quiero irme!” Saludos Beatrice

  15. Ingelise Frier
    3 years ago

    I have enjoyed your “Shortcut to Spanish”, “Synergy Spanish” and Bola de Nieve so much during the past 2 years. I listen to Bola de Nieve every day while driving, fishing, cleaning the yard etc. I like multi tasking! My “new” knowledge of Spanish has taken me to Patagonia, Mexico, The Canarian Islands plus Spain several times and I feel I am completely fit for a 2 weeks fishing trip to Baja this summer.
    Ingelise Frier, 63.

  16. John Fitzgerald
    3 years ago

    I am the same John Fitzgerald who wrote one minute ago. I think I should tell you that I am eighty years old, but good at languages, I used to teach Irish and was quite good at that. I would like to get some advice about the instrument/s I would need for playing the disks. at present I only have my DELL desktop computer and my Nokia primitive mobile phone which would be no good for anything except making and receiving telephone calls. What else would I need ?
    Gratias y Adios

    Marcus Reply:

    Hola Joven,

    The CDs are audio only. You cam play them on any CD player including your computer if it has a CD drive.

    Other wise the video version of the lessons can be streamed online.



  17. John Fitzgerald
    3 years ago

    I would love to see/ hear/try your A-udio-Visual Formula particularly for over 50’s.I hope to spend next winter in Spain, away from the awful weather here in England and would love to be fluent in Spanish by then.

  18. bent reinecker
    3 years ago

    like to get stardet i am 77 years old and nev to comp.

  19. Patricia Newman
    3 years ago

    I love your course. I had to order it. The coursr is very easy to learn. Your informative instruction make learning spanish so easy. Thanks.

  20. Patricia Newman Patricia Newman
    3 years ago

    I love your course upon visiting your website
    Great job! I had to order your course. You are the best. Thanks.

  21. Ivan Morrow
    4 years ago

    Hi Marcus,

    I recently purchased Synergy Spanish Audio version only, approximately three weeks ago. I assume there is a charge to update to the video version.
    I have tried many courses over the years including going to night school, but your course is really impressive, it stands head and shoulders above the rest.
    I have recently started “Bola de neive” your follow up course in Synergy Spanish, it is a seamless continuation of the learning process, I’m hooked.

    Regards, Ivan

  22. Allan Awcock
    4 years ago

    My wife and I have just returned to Spain and want to try and become better with our speaking as we do enjoy speaking with our Spanish friends. Your recent EM has given us the hope we can improve even though we are in our 70″s!! How can we obtain this video ? We have no video player but can use my computer to play a cd. Will that do for your newest offering?I have been following you for two years now ,but still work in Malaysia and Indonesia so that interrupts my attempts to keep up the continuity!! Hope you can advise how best to obtain this NEW SPANISH AUDIO-VISUAL FORMULA? youra Allan Awcock

    Marcus Reply:

    The videos can be played online or downloaded to a computer. We don’t have DVDs available just yet.

  23. Philip Cooney
    4 years ago

    I am 64 and I am making good headway from you Marcus. It is as good as you can get. Please keep up the good work. I have written on this matter before when others were having a go at you. Remember?

  24. Moose
    4 years ago

    It helps a lot to actually hear the words spoken. I love the way you teach and I am learning so much. More than I ever thought I could. And I’m having fun with it at the same time. Thank you so much. You have enriched my life.

  25. Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Cordial saludo
    Soy colombiano y le agradezco por su estilo de enseñar el Español.Una de las mejores maneras es precisamente viendo programas de televisión. Porque ?.
    Pues resulta que yo aprendí Ingles viendo tal cual programa reforzandome con la Internet…
    Animo amigos…no desfallezcan !!!
    Martín from Bogota-Colombia
    …and straight to be happy!!

  26. josie doak
    4 years ago

    iv,e just looked on your page and i,m interested in learning this way of spannish , i hope it helps me .

  27. dave
    4 years ago

    I like to try it, I tried many things before, please help.

  28. Harold
    4 years ago

    I am b0 and want to learn a newlanguage (Latin-American Spanish).
    I have bought many beginning Spanish training books, but this course, is excellent. I have learned more with this course (over the last couple weeks) than I have learned from any other training tool I have used.
    From my perspective, keep it basic and simple, and we will learn from experience.
    Thank you

  29. Hermine Powell
    4 years ago

    The comments are great, would like to give it a try.

    I have tried Spanish many times before but gave up.
    Became frustrated with especially making of sentences.

    I hope I have found the cure this time.

    Thank you.

  30. frances brewer
    4 years ago

    In the past I have completed a 1st course(Extranjera Una),then an Intermedia Course and later Conversation and then another Intermedia Course,but it is sometime ago and my Spanish is not always understood.
    The tendancy is to translate from English into Spanish which of course is not correct.
    I could do with some help!
    I will be 83 years in October.
    Could I have some information on your Spanish language course please?

  31. Serena Carroll
    4 years ago

    Although I am 70 and have TBI (traumatic brain injury), I am finding it possible to break through
    the fog and learn Spanish with a feeling of confidence for the first time due to your method of
    teaching. It is the peace of mind that your training provides me that propels me forward with
    a certain strength & excitement that was lacking before. God bless you for your help.

  32. Leslie Pugh
    4 years ago

    Dear Marcus.. I for the first time seeming getting to grips with Spanish and I have lived in Spain
    for 25 years..have joined many clubs,,to learn…bought many books etc etc I am only 84 years
    of problem is getting people (Spanish) to speak to me ..they think I am wierd…
    I do need your support…dont leave me in the wilderness

  33. Randolph Daniels
    4 years ago

    Marcus, ——- you are just SIMPLY THE BEST !!! Thanks a whole heap !!!! —- R.Daniels !

  34. John
    4 years ago

    By the time I write a comment, it will be time to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY [wow – 48!] Markus!

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy being so young! You have not yet reached your ‘middle age’ – you just might have 60 or more years to go. Enjoy each and every year and all of them in very good health! You deserve that and more!

    I reached 79 [setenta y nueve] on GROUNDHOG DAY and I think I will understand and speak Spanish by the time the next groundhog day gets here. With all the help you provide it should not be so hard to do.

    Thank you so much for all the help and your fallow-ups and for making it easy to learn Spanish, which leads to progress and confidence that there is a payoff ahead. I wish you could teach me Italian as well, with your easy teaching method.

    [I did not attend school one full day to learn English]. I was almost 22 years of age when I immigrated without knowing any English. I had to work to earn a living and only attended a few evening classes, Friday evenings, with 25-30 other immigrants attending so everyone got to read a short sentence. There was no internet, no audio to listen to and no teacher that made it ”easy” to learn English. That is why I feel very fortunate to have you as my teacher to learn Spanish from.



  35. Sylvia Baker
    4 years ago

    Hola Marcus, I started going through Bola de Nieve again, I missed the transcripts the first time but it is much easier with them, I have just finished Modulo 2 and really feel like I am getting somewhere. I have just had my 73rd birthday and I live on my own so I find it easy to concentrate (once I get started). I am a member of a Ladies group in Southern Spain, in fact I am the Treasurer, and we organise at least two trips a year to travel around Spain for our members so it comes in very handy to have some knowledge of the language. I want to say a big thankyou for making learning much easier.


  36. Dolores
    4 years ago

    Thanks so much, Marcus! It’s wonderful to see how you continue improving your already excellent courses. I like the way you integrate seeing and saying together with a particular point of grammar so that we can make it our own.

  37. Carlos
    4 years ago

    Soy español y resido en Madrid. Le diré de los españoles, que primero estudiábamos en los institutos el francés, para ser cultos, luego lo sustituimos por el inglés, y ahora los españoles no sabemos hablar el español, o mejor dicho el castellano y nadie siente vergüenza. El léxico tan grande que tiene el castellano, lo hemos disminuido a un argot, que puede hablarlo, cualquier loro amazónico. Y de escribirlo, ni le cuento, ahora escriben msn con todas las letras del alfabeto español cambiadas y ciertos mensajes que recibes, ya no sabes si te ha escrito un extraterrestre de la galaxia de Andrómeda.

    Atentamente, un saludo,