The Spanish ban ho

The Spanish ban ho

What the heck is “ban ho”?

I promise it’s not some horrible rap song.

You get bonus points if you figure out what “ban ho” means in Spanish before you play the video.

Hint: Tiene que ver con la pronunciación. (It has to do with the pronunciation.)

Spanish life love and music video #4


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  1. Mike Broderick
    1 month ago

    Hi, surely this means Banjo. nearly confused it with Bath though!

  2. Burton Trott
    2 months ago

    Ban ho is banjo in English. I am enjoying the classes.

  3. sheilah
    4 months ago


  4. Linda
    4 months ago


  5. meri
    4 months ago

    No ‘h? iis pronounced in Spanish.

  6. Fred Martin
    4 months ago


  7. john crosland
    4 months ago

    means bath

    Marcus Reply:

    Close but no cigarro.

  8. Craig
    5 months ago

    Thank Marcus, for yet another lesson to prove Spanish is simply a language one needs to speak to l e a r n, rather than learn to speak. Such a powerful reinforcer!!

    Craig W

  9. Alan Smith
    5 months ago

    That was easy for banjo’.By the way, I am taking holidays in Hune and Huly.

  10. Donna Reeve
    6 months ago

    I got banjo before the picture, but there was no way to enter it.

  11. Forrest
    6 months ago

    Banjo. Muy simple!!!

    6 months ago

    Ban ho. Pienso que, “hoe down?”