The Spanish video I promised you

The Spanish video I promised you

Here is the fourth video in the “Spanish life, love and music” series.

This is where we bring the videos together and get your Spanish flowing about life, love and music.

Just click the play button below to get started.

For more Spanish training like this see my new course, Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator

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Please drop me a comment below and let me know how you’re doing.



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  1. John Dysk
    1 month ago

    Hi Marcus, I believe you have met your ultimate challenge to teach Spanish to KLTUZ {blook head] I am enjoying your lessons but am very forgetful I am only 65 and have tried to learn for years but to no avail. We live in Bolivia working on a mission with German speaking people yet need to do business with Spanish speaking people all the time so I do need Spanish.i like how you keep encourageing me,,, don’t give maybe someday,,i had given up than I saw your course and thought I give it one more shoot thanks see you soon John

  2. Geraldine
    2 months ago

    Thanks Marcus

    You are the best!11 My enthusiasm for Spanish keeps expanding.

    A veces me sorpresa a descubrir que estoy pensardo en espanol
    cuando viajo en el bus o tren.. Siento que me gustaria escribir una
    novella de las varias personas que puedo ver.


  3. moira Aungiers
    3 months ago

    Wow this is really encouraging me to speak and write thank you.

  4. Clarence Wiggins
    4 months ago

    Hola, Something very pleasing is happening, After years of trying,espanol is being internalized taking on life; actually thinking in Spanish. Gracios, Clarence.

  5. thorkild nielsen
    4 months ago

    doing great – hwr, still a beginner – will work this year on more progress

  6. lorna sampson
    4 months ago

    Hello Marcus, I have done Spanish in school many years ago. I find your method of teaching easier to learn than all the others I have done and I am motivated to stick to your lessons. I am sort of forced to learn the language, because when I turn on my cable T.V. in the English speaking Caribbean I am getting quite a bit of the Spanish Americas feed….thanks again.


  7. Paul
    4 months ago

    Hi Marcus, have you put out part 5 yet?

  8. bill
    5 months ago

    hola marcus. as always your lessons are excellent, bill

  9. Sam
    5 months ago

    Love the lessons. Missing them since April. Would you kindly return me as a dedicated follower of the lessons Thanks much

  10. john brannigan
    6 months ago


  11. Nicole p.
    6 months ago

    Hola, Mr. Marcus: gracias por sus videos love life y la música. yo siempre he querido escribir a usted
    en español. soy un estudiante con la synergy system Shortcut to Spanish. Me gustan las lecciones muy buenas. No puedo hablar , pero soy confidente a la success. Feliz Thanksgiving a usted y su familia. Hasta pronto.
    Nicole P.

  12. Gloria
    6 months ago

    I really can’t fault your way of teaching at all, congratulations on helping a third age student, !! I have been living in España for many years, and have been through the usual route of schools etc, but your way is definitely the easiest and most enjoyable route.
    I’m so glad that my son directed me ” your way”. My course is almost finished , one month more, but I shall be signing up for the following, I enjoy it very much. And, there us so much more you offer , than the course, i.e. Music information, and much more.

  13. Josephine Kisaakye
    7 months ago

    I hope am going to start speaking soon. but can I start to speak in a month? is it possible?

  14. Josephine Kisaakye
    7 months ago

    thank you dear.
    this has been a blessing for me.
    your approach is quite different and very easy to grasp.
    be blessed.
    today I have learnt some thing. thanks so much.

  15. j byers
    7 months ago

    looking for part 5

  16. j byers
    7 months ago

    I have not received anything new in along time, I look forward to your great lessons. Thanks

  17. Joe
    7 months ago

    I really enjoyed the Shortcut to Spanish course. I’m going to Spain soon and hope to use my newly learned Spanish then. Thank you and thanks also for the extra free lessons. They are very helpful. Muchas gracias, Joe.

  18. Roman
    8 months ago

    Apologies for not replying sooner. I’ve been neglecting my Spanish these past couple of months. Espero tu y su familia estan bien. Muchas gracias. por los videos.

  19. Alan Smith
    8 months ago

  20. Vibeke
    8 months ago

    Thanks for all the free videos you are giving us. I have been listening a lot and finally bought my first course, and are exiting to start to learn more. I think your courses are brilliant. My spanish has been a lot better – mucho mejor – y puedo hablar más que nunca – y los videos son geniales.I am also 60 years old and have been learning spanish by myself for a long time – and I know a lot, but I think this will help me speak better and hopefully with more fluency. Thanks.

  21. Pat
    9 months ago

    Hi Marcus
    I am really enjoying your way of learning Spanish, however I cannot find part 3 of Spanish life love and music. Can you point me in the right direction.

    Marcus Reply:

    Yes, it’s on this blog post:

  22. Mike Muller
    9 months ago

    At 86 and many problems I have little time for Spanish, but when i do I enjoy it very much and most grateful to you!

  23. Lakomegum denish paul
    9 months ago

    I would like to express my excitement about my sincere progress in learning Spanish. I am now able to even write a short letter to my friends who speaks Spanish without any fear.
    I am moving progressively well and it’s really amazing for sure because, I realised, learning new language puts in a person more wisdom and expands rooms to get friends and other opportunities which, I have started to experience it.
    Thanks a lot. I am very happy for the progress.

  24. konrad kasprowicz
    9 months ago

    Iam over 60+.I have been trying to learn Spanish for last 15 months (unsuccessfully) till I purchased synergyspanish courses and yours free videos Now I know that voy a hablar español pronto.Muchas gracias

  25. opec
    9 months ago

    Nice and intresting

  26. Deanna Dawson
    9 months ago

    Hi Marco, I have been ill and I missed the first three of these great music and love lessons, how do I proceed to get them?

  27. Jeanie Looney
    9 months ago

    Thanks for the lessons on video. I AM learning. I want and need this to be a help at our Community Center. Thank you.

  28. melanie
    9 months ago

    Hey you,

    I appreciate so much what you are doing. The lessons are great. My husband and I live near the border in southern Arizona, and we are also musicians. Anyway, we don’t have much time to listen or learn just trying to make a living, but every time I listen, I get more comfortable and love it. Will find time soon to study what we actually bought from you. Thanks again.

  29. Tam.
    9 months ago

    Brilliant, Estupendo !!

  30. Irene
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus,
    Me encanta la vida y voy a aprender un instrumento.
    Gracias por su motivación.

  31. Floyd
    9 months ago

    Marcus you are doing a great job and must be congratulated.
    I don’t have money but I have learned a lot from you.
    I am from Jamaica and I didn’t do Spanish in high school but I have always love the language

  32. Ibrahim Ghantous Attorney, Miami
    9 months ago

    Me gustan mucho las lecciónes, mi esposa encanta mi progreso de espanol tambien. !Muchas gracias!

  33. Patricia
    9 months ago

    Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for the Life, Love and Music videos. They are very helpful and enjoyable. I am also following your Spanish Synergy course which I think is fantastic. I completed the Beginners Course and was able to communicate with my daughter’s Colombian mother-in-law who had absolutely no english. Next year I hope we will be “chatting”.

    Kind regards

  34. Kath
    9 months ago

    A pleasant change to take me away from my bola de nieve. I’m struggling a little with the tenses but getting there slowly but surely.

  35. Carrol Gomez
    9 months ago

    Hello Marcus, I am persevering but I’m not doing too well maybe I need to study more. I have to make more effort with the Spanish. Thanks for life love and music. I really liked that .

  36. Rush Faville
    9 months ago

    Great break from my bola de nieve course. Keep up the good work!! I also can not recommend the BOLA course enough..It clears up sooo much confusion that I have had with espanol in the past. My Mexican friends don’t look at me with a “funny” look anymore when we talk..
    Hasta Pronto, Rush

  37. Jeanna
    9 months ago

    This lesson is an example of how much fun it is to learn,
    and REALLY LEARN, to speak Spanish.

    Although I never got to see the first three versions of this,
    (Spanish Life, Love and Music)I am looking forward to more.

    Thanks for your unique methods, length of each lesson,
    because time is important to me and I get just enough to
    learn and remember it.

  38. wendy plummer
    9 months ago

    Brilliant. Really enjoying the videos . Many thanks

  39. Edward King
    9 months ago

    Good practice. Thanks!

  40. Kamal
    9 months ago

    Great material, as always!!

  41. Gillian Davies
    9 months ago

    This is the best Spanish course for me as I can go at my pace which is slow as I find languages difficult but feel like I am at last getting somewhere. Thank you very much for your videos really helpful

  42. Barbara Hamming
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus,

    El domingo me voy a Barcelona con mi familia! Espero hablar mucho espanol.
    Gracias por su ayuda!

  43. Anonymous
    9 months ago

    muchas gracias mi amigo

  44. Trudy Robinson
    9 months ago

    Gracias por el lesson. Necesito estudiar mucho mas.

  45. raushan
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus,
    Muchos saludos de La India.
    Muchas Gracias por el video

    Siempre he querido este.

  46. Fran Yates
    9 months ago

    Love all your lessons, please keep them coming. Very satisfying to a 70 year old woman, to be able to speak the language better. Hopefully when I go to visit Ecuador I will be able to converse with the people.

  47. Gus Caron
    9 months ago

    totallyenjoyed the short lesson keep up the good work

  48. Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Muchas gracias,very useful

  49. S. Michael Brandt
    9 months ago

    Profitable as always–just need mas practicar. SMB

  50. Helen Bailey
    9 months ago

    Thank you Marcus for the super 4 part video Life, Love and Music which was fun and a great way to teach me about musical instruments which are so similar to the English words.
    Your methods of teaching and the encouragement from you are always appreciated.

  51. anto fitz
    9 months ago

    Grea stuff Marcus. can;t wait for your next encanta mucho.

  52. George
    9 months ago

    It is just fatastic cannot be better or easier thank you

  53. Sandra
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus, como esta. Muchicimas gracias por sus lecciones y me encanta mucho todo. Adios u cuidado.

  54. martin
    9 months ago

    Thank Marcus, looking forward to number 5. It’s great to practice every day.

  55. Peter Ballingall
    9 months ago

    De nuevo otra clase muy interesante y agradable. Lo me ha ayudado mucho. Gracias

  56. Hella Silverside
    9 months ago

    Me encanta mucho este video

  57. Marlene Azzopardi
    9 months ago

    I think all your lessons are marvelous, and it would be great to be able to get them all.
    I am 75 years of age and I can’t purchase them but I look forward and wish very much that you keep sending me more lessons.
    I thank you very much for all the past programs you sent me even if you decide not to send me anymore I thank you anyway,
    Yours Marlena.

  58. Ray Summers
    9 months ago

    Does the Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator $97.00 course come on recorded CD’s ?

    Thanks Ray S.

    Marcus Reply:

    Sorry, Synergy Spanish Conversation Accelerator is only available online.

  59. Jane
    9 months ago

    Thank you number 4 flows on seemlessly.

  60. ming syyap
    9 months ago

    Im so delighted to follow your lesson, Marcus! Muy Bien y Gracias. Please continue sending more!!!

    Besos y Embraciemento (is this right)


    Marcus Reply:

    Un abrazo is what you are wanting to say. It literally means “a hug” however, is also used like saying in English, “best wishes”.

    Un abrazo fuerte,


  61. Monique
    9 months ago

    You reminded me to learn more Spanish. I thank you.

  62. Cathy
    9 months ago

    Nice. Thank you.

  63. Christine
    9 months ago

    Gracias, Marcus…buen leccion!

  64. Peter
    9 months ago

    Tengo Synergy Spanish, y conversación accelerator y informal Spanish. Puedo defenderme en español. En dos meses nosotros vamos a viajar a Peru y vivir por 18 meses. Mi español no es perfecto, pero es suficiente para mi y mi esposa.

    Gracias Marcus. Sus lecciones están excelentes. Para hablar a aprender español es muy bien. Me encantan sus lecciones.

    Tengo sesenta y cinco anos. Es mi sueno a dominar español en Peru en 18 meses. Posiblemente español con inmersión.

    I feel confident that I can express myself this time in America Latina. The problem will be that I don’t have enough vocabulary to understand replies unless people speak slowly and simply to me. I figure it will work out. 6 years ago we were in Ecuador for 18 months as volunteers for our Church and knew no Spanish. The methods of learning that I tried convinced me that I was too old and linguistically challenged to be able to learn, so I muddled along and found people who knew a bit of English. I loved Ecuador and the people but was sorry that I couldn’t communicate. This time I feel confident that things will be much better. This method that Marcus has developed is so simple and effective. I now enjoy studying Spanish where as before I hated it with stupid lessons that focused on grammar and made the whole learning process discouraging. Probably snowball is the way to go, but I don’t have time before I leave. Maybe when I get back if I think I have enough zip left for more time in America Latina. Right now I am thrilled with what I have been able to accomplish and look forward to putting it to work. Muchas Gracias Marcus.

  65. Norma Taylor Roberts
    9 months ago

    Your programme has been a great refresher course for me. It has helped me to retain certain things which I had previously taken years to memorise.

  66. michael
    9 months ago

    the videos are excellent. thank you.

  67. Gloria Tang
    9 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoy your distinct way of assisting me to speak Spanish. Great Job!

  68. marit bonzet
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus, muchas gracias , he aprendido un poco mas de espanol otra vez con este video.
    Saludos marit

  69. Louise
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcus,
    Gracias for these occasions to practice what we have learned.

  70. leslaw
    9 months ago

    Muy bien. Gracias.

  71. Hyacinth
    9 months ago

    Many thanks for all the lessons. I sincerely appreciate them. I often spend many hours enjoying and learning Spanish. I just wish I had the opportunity to speak to a native speaker face to face. Sometimes I hear visitors speaking Spanish but I do not feel comfortable just walking up to them to begin a conversation. However, I do speak it to my family and my students even though they are not learning at the rate I am. Once again thanks!
    Trinidad and Tobago

  72. Anna
    9 months ago

    Love it Marcus!
    The best part is to use the different parts of speech like I am going to, I can, I have wanted, you can etc., they help to refresh my memories of the lessons I learn in short cut to Spanish and others. Thanks again, looking forward to part 5 of love, life and music.

  73. Don
    9 months ago

    Thanks Marcus, love the recent videos. I appreciate what you do!

  74. nIki
    9 months ago

    Muchas gracias, Marcus.


  75. Patricia Jordan
    9 months ago

    Hi, Love the fact that when I haven’t practised Spanish for a few weeks one of your videos pops into my inbox and gets me learning again!

  76. Tammie Tucker
    9 months ago

    I absolutely love and appreciate all your video lessons!!!! I appreciate your hard work so much and I am learning a lot. Please keep them coming!!!!!!!! I do have a question… when you say, for example, me encantaria aprender a tocar la guitarra. Why is there an a in front of tocar? It would appear that it is saying I would love to learn to to play the guitar. I am just curious and am really trying to grasp the sentence structures in Spanish. I truly hope to be fluent someday.

    Marcus Reply:

    This blog post and video will help you with that:

  77. Kim Showalter
    9 months ago

    Thanks so much. Loved it. Very helpful in review of other things as well!

  78. Katisha
    9 months ago

    It’s been a while since I did Spanish classes but doing this brought back what I learned so easy. This was great….can’t wait for more

  79. Frank
    9 months ago

    Just got back from inca trail. Peru was incredible, and with the spanish I have learned in your courses, so much fun. People are so appreciative when you make the effort to speak there language. I am ready to continue my studies and get ready for another Spanish vacation in the Dominican Republic. Thanks, Frank

  80. lyn frost
    9 months ago

    Dear Marcus
    we are having lots of problems with our internet service so I have not had the previous videos
    Is it possible you could send them again and when our service is repaired (if ever) I could enjoy them
    Regards Lyn Frost

    Marcus Reply:

    Yes, I’ll send an email with all the videos soon.

  81. Audrey
    9 months ago

    Thank you, I can manage in Spanish but now I’m learning to love it and understand it.Please continue. God bless.

  82. Marc
    9 months ago

    Below should read “where she is from men and women…”

  83. Marc
    9 months ago

    Speaking of love, it’s a good thing I learned the difference between soy and estoy during Bola de Nieve.

    I met Maria salsa dancing. Sometimes she messages or speaks to me in Spanish, sometimes in English. In any case, when listening to a salsa song, she said “yo soy romantica”. To let her know I understood I replied “todas chicas son romanticas”. Had she said “estoy romantica” to me, that’s an entirely different matter! Not sure this difference can be so simply expressed in English.

    She told me in Vera Cruz, Mexico where she is fromen and women in the same age group familiar with each other refer to each other as Chico and Chica.

  84. Brian
    9 months ago

    Hola Marcos gracias me encantan las leciones….he aprendido mucho…otra vez muchas gracias