Woo Hoo! I can speak Spanish in sentences

Woo Hoo! I can speak Spanish in sentences

If you studied Spanish for years and you’re still struggling to string sentences together, it’s probably not your fault. Read this case study below about Dorothy. And know this:

Dorothy is intelligent. She’s in a PhD program, she had two tutors from Spain and Venezuela that spent two years with her and she could still barely string sentences together. Before I reveal too much, here’s Dorothy.


I bought your Synergy Spanish course out of desperation. Let me explain:

my grandparents on both sides are from Mexico but when they came to the US they were more interested in being Americans than being Mexicans. My parents spoke only English to us.

I am in a PhD program where I am required to learn a foreign language. Naturally I choose Spanish. I worked with a tutor from Spain for a year and a half. Then with a tutor from Venezuela for about 6 months. They were both helpful and I remain friends with them. They taught me a lot of grammar but to be honest I still could barely string a sentence together.

My vocabulary is pretty good. I can read a decent amount of Spanish but speaking and listening???? Again, I wish!!!

I have to learn in order to move to the final stage of my PhD program, I must pass a proficiency test in Spanish to be eligible to take the final exams

So you can see my desperation.

I am on lesson 7 of your program and I am thrilled so far. Woo-Hoo! I can speak Spanish

It’s really cool because you are not necessarily introducing me to new words but the best is that you are showing me how to use the words I already know to make sentences, useful sentences!!!!

I have an online language exchange partner. He told me my Spanish was better the other day. I was drinking a beer. He said maybe it was the beer. I laughed because I knew it was Synergy Spanish, not the beer.

Oh, I’ve talked too long…..I need to study and then go to class tonight!

Muchas Gracias!


No matter what your experiences with Spanish, I guarantee you’ll get result with synergy Spanish or your money back.


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  1. Richard Gardiner
    8 months ago

    Although I am retired, I am quite busy trying to live in a foreign country. In addition I am trying to communicate in Spanish here in Spain. I find it particularly difficult to recognise what people are saying in Spanish when they reply to me. As an ex-teacher I know the problems of learning English for foreign students whereas Spanish is easier, fewer diphthongs. However I do find it difficult when they speak fast.

    Marcus Reply:

    You might be interested in my Spanish Ear Training program, details are on this page:


  2. dee webster
    11 months ago

    Are all your videos and ayduos on line when you buy or can i get it on cd fir my mum who is 79trs old?

    Marcus Reply:

    Yes, the the videos are online. The best place to start is on this page:


    1 year ago

    My name is RAFAEL FUEREZ am studying English at the University Poleténica Salesian in Ecuador , I’m from the city of Otavalo , I am the Kichwa Otavalo , my mother tongue is Quechua , live in the Mojandita community , I like living in the community , it is very nice my community. Thanks for communication.

  4. Lori Young
    1 year ago

    I so appreciate your teaching style. I was pretty burned out with all of the different Spanish material I’d acquired. I believe I have my own Spanish Library! As a matter of fact I don’t believe that there is a Spanish book or audio program that I haven’t dabbled in. Yours is the only program that I am still actively engaged in. Thank you for teaching in a way that I can absorb, even when I don’t feel like learning! LOL!!

  5. Jack George
    1 year ago

    This method is very effective. I am curently doing lesson 700 of the series I just purchased for that amazingly great price. The repetition and extension of each lesson is a great way to learn and even though I have been studying on my own for years, I have found the birthday lessons have taught me a great deal that I had missed in my struggles with the language. I wish you had many more of such lessons available, they are terrific and easy to understand at a pace that is great for learners.

  6. William Tabacchi
    2 years ago

    Yo tambien he tenido un similar occurencia. Sin embargo para mi lo occurido en Nicaragua cuando de repente me encuentro haciendo fraces pequenos en espanol. Como la mujer encima era una buena sensacion, una Woo-Hoo momenta

  7. Marit
    2 years ago

    Hi Marcus.I finished the synergy course 1 and I can assure you I don,t want my money back> It is just a great and entertaining way to learn spanish. Now I received your Bola de Nueve try out and I love it. I am like addicted to it, every spare time is used for the Bola.I thank you for all the extra materials you send with it. Great stuff. I don,t know how I came across your name but I surely picked out the best teacher. Thanks again and I hope to soon receive the next Bola de Nueve course.

    Bye for now. Marit/The Netherlands

  8. pooran
    2 years ago

    I bought your synergy spanish course and my spanish has improved mucho mas gracias marcus

  9. robert grawehr
    2 years ago

    hi marcus,
    i do agree with dorothy ,to string a sentence together is a total different ball game.why? i just like to mention one thing i do speak more then one language and one of them is German,German is not exactly the easiest language to study.but please let me explain where the problems in the spanish language are,this are a few things from a beginners point of view.
    1 por-para i m not sure if even spanish natives know the exact diff.as it is sometimes interchangeably,or m i wrong?
    2 estar-ser temprano-permanente?
    3 conocer-saber knowing people-knowing things like places,knowing facts?
    4 preguntar-pedir ask a question-request an object?
    5 verbs that use the infinitive what is the rule there? ejemplo tener,poder,querer,espero,to metion a few.
    6 now lets make it a bit more complicated,2 past tenses preterite,imperfect which is a challenge on its own specially for english speaking people not to mention the formal and informal way used in the spanish language.
    all the above combine with the:,personas de hablar hispana hablan tan rapido will give anybody some problems.
    i hope to hear from you soon.do like what you teach.but lets address the above>


  10. Pat OBrien
    3 years ago

    Marcus at long last someone who gets on with the conversation and leaves the grammar to come naturally. I am enjoying this course so much. I have the course for a few weeks but was in Mallorca and did not get the DVDs until I got back but now I’m hooked and love it . Thank you Marcus for reviving my interest in this wonderful language

  11. ian dawson
    3 years ago

    you are the man!

  12. Kathy Jordan
    4 years ago

    So excited. Recieved my Bola MOD2 today!!

    Ahora voy a hablar más español!

  13. Nanci miller
    4 years ago

    I am finally out of the hospital and I am very anxious to start. You give a great approach that one can understand. Muchas Gracias! Nanci Franco Miller

  14. Charlotte Hodgson
    4 years ago

    I have studied with Marcus for two years now and have to say that my spoken Spanish has come on amazingly! When we are away in a Spanish speaking country, I find myself speaking to people with hardly any thought or effort for which I have to say a huge thank you to Marcus and his team. Although I had been learning Spanish for nearly two years when I found Marcus’ way of teaching Spanish, I could not string a sentence together and was so bogged down in learning verbs I was very low and dispirited with it all. I so loved Spanish I did not want to give up on it. With Marcus it has been easy to take on all the different verb forms without the pain of learning verb tables by rote as you are using them ‘in situ’ and naturally. Marcus, a huge huge thank you for taking the time to pass on your excellent way of learning Spanish to people like me. Without all you have done I would not have the command of Spanish I do. I still have a long way to go but my continuing love of the Spanish language has been fostered and encouraged by your excellent teaching methods. A heartfelt thankyou.

  15. Twylla De Coste
    4 years ago

    This is exactly what I struggle with.