For graduates of Bola de Nieve who want to master advanced Spanish.

You can join an elite group and learn all my tricks and secrets to fluent mastery of advanced Spanish.


Finally after years of researching, I am ready to offer you a program on advanced Spanish. This is my latest and best thinking on building your fluency and dominating the complex parts of the Spanish language.

Each lesson in this new program is design to get you using advanced Spanish in fluent conversations. And if you don't get more confidence and fluency with each new module then you can contact me.

I'll either directly guide you, edit the lessons or create brand new lessons until your Spanish flows.

Advanced Spanish is a big challenge - I'll make it easy for you.

Yes, we have a big challenge. And yes, getting you speaking smoothly using some very complex parts of the Spanish language is not an easy task. In fact, almost everything in this program has to be built from scratch because there’s just nothing out there that demystifies advanced Spanish.

Frankly, most programs that deal with advanced Spanish do more to confuse you than help you. They make you over think everything and stifle the natural expression you have worked so hard to develop with your Spanish.

It's time for an easier path to speaking advanced Spanish.

We’re building a program that makes learning advanced Spanish as easy for you as learning beginner’s Spanish.

Here are some of the subjects we'll be tackling.

Here's what you get each month

Each month you get approximately two hours of high level audio lessons. The lessons focus on one main theme. In the first two months, I'll start by teaching you how to get more out of reflexive verbs and how you can use them to immediately speak more accurately and naturally.

Then, I’ll show you how to communicate better with your friends building real fluency in past tenses.

As well as the main theme, you'll also get tips on using direct and indirect object pronouns, commands, and Spanish expressions. You’ll learn to use these parts of Spanish to clearly get you meaning across, and add to your conversational ability.

Plus, you also get transcripts of the audio.

Lastly, as a member you'll have access to my personal help to guide you through the program. I am there for you to make sure your Spanish advances each month.

If Spanish is important to you, now is the best time to act.

Frankly, most lessons, books, and courses on advanced Spanish are confusing, intimidating and produce very weak results. This is going to be very different. If you want to get as much as you can from your Spanish skills, don't miss out on this opportunity to take your Spanish to new heights.

I’ll be adding more components to the program as time goes on, and when I do the price will go up. However, if you join now, you’ll still get it all and you’ll lock in the $29.95 per month price.

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